Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by NeverShoutAlex

Chapter 1

"Evan, sweetie, wake up it's your first day of 11th grade! be excited!" my mom said lightly shaking her awake.

"No 5 more minutes" I begged.

"No sweetie get up" my mom said and left the room.

I groaned. Keanan had texted me until 2 in the morning keeping me up.

I grabbed my phone not even getting up yet. It started ringing, someone was calling me.

"Who the f**k is this?" I asked sleepily.

"Well maybe i wont give you a ride missy." a guy said.

"Keanan?" I asked to sleepy to check.


"ah, sorry im sleeepy"

"Pshh, fiiine I’ll give you a ride I’ll be there in an hour okay?" he said about to hang up. "yeah ill be ready" I mumble, hanging up, getting out of bed and heading for the shower.

After 20 minutes in the shower, I climbed out and got dressed. my phone rang again and she answered,


“Why hello! Get your little a*s out here please?” he asked ‘sweetly’

“Whatever can I eat in you’re car? Please?” I asked making a pouty face even though he cant see it.

“I don’t care just no juice” he said laughing.

“okay!” I said going down to the kitchen and grabbing toast, then walking out the door to see, Keanan’s car. Its just a pickup, but not to the two of us. We have lots of memories in that car. We saw their first horror drive in movie in that car, We had their first drink, and much more. I got into shotgun.

“Hey Keanan!” I said smiling at him.

“Hey Doll” he said starting the car again.

“first day!” I said tapping my fingers on the dash.

“Yep!” Keanan said with fake excitement.

“Awh come on buck up boy” I said looking over at him.

His cheeks were bright red.

“whats wrong Keanan?” I asked sitting up.

“Oh Uhm nothing wrong.” he said pulling into the street.

“Okay” I say in a sing-song voice.

His face gets, even brighter.

“Keanan! Just tell me!”

“Its nothing promise!” he exclaims.

“Fine” I grumble, slouching into the seat.

He reaches forward and turns on the radio, and his favorite song is on.

“Shawty’s lik’a melody in my head!” I belt out of tune.

“Oh come on you can sing, do it right!” Keanan yells over my singing.

But before I can start, the song ends.

“Awh, that sucks” I say


“Wanna Ditch?” I ask.

“Evan! It’s the first day of school!” Keanan exclaims.

“So? You have perfect attendance! I almost do!”

“Exactly! Come on if you go today, Uhm, I’ll take you to the mall after school!”

“Oh really? And you’ll Streak, through the homecoming game? Okay cool!” I say, hoping he’ll agree.

“What?! No! Ricky Jenson did that last year and got ARESETED!”

“Come on please”

“Why? You wanna see me naked?” he asked winking at me

“Oh god!” I exclaim, trying to sound disgusted, but honestly, I wasn’t.

“You so do!” he yells laughing.

“Your disgusting!”

“Oh come on im kidding!” he says putting his hand on my shoulder. The pain in my shoulder, goes from mild, to insane. I’d spent the weekend with my Dad, and ended up with a dislocated shoulder, and a good bump on my head. I feel a tear stream down my face, I quickly reach my hand up to wipe it, but Keanan, grasps my shoulder a little tighter, when a car cuts him off. I gasp, from the pain, and more tears come before I can even wipe the first.

“Evan! Whats wrong?!”

I look at Keanan, hes worried, I know but I can only think one thing. Run.

I open the car door and get out, theres a park down the street, and I run there, ignoring Keanan Calling my name behind me.

“Evan! Wait Please!” Keanan begs.

I turn the corner and I hear Keanan yell one more time, before silence. I collapse on a bench at the park, ignoring the unwanted stares.

“Sweetie? Are a you alright?” an elderly woman asked me.

“No” I sobbed.

She comes and sits next to me, and places a hand on my shoulder just as Keanan had. I wince and pull away. The Elderly woman, quickly understands, somehow and calls the police, the hands me the phone.


“Hello, Miss., Would you like to file a abuse report?”

“No! no no no!” I scream hanging up the phone and giving it to the woman shakily.

“Sweetie, who did this?” she asks.

“my dad” I whisper, barely audible.

“Oh, Hun, you have to tell someone.”

“My parents are divorced I only see him on weekends” I mumble

“a weekend, is too much” she says

“I know” I say more tears follow.

The woman eventually left, leaving me alone, feeling the stares.

I sit on the bench sobbing for an hour, until someone else comes and sits next to me.

They put a hand on my knee.

“Are you alright Evangaline?” a males voice said, I recognize it immediately, Zeke, the guy who hated me since kindergarten, when he pushed me in the sandbox.

“what do you want Zeke?” I say harshly.

“Hey! I was trying to be nice! Its not like pretty boy is here helping!” he exclaims

“You’re the one who hates me” I mumble

“Who said I hate you!”

“Uhm I kinda figured since you call me s**t everyday of my life!” I yell, everyone at the park looking at us. But I had to get my point across I was done with being s**t to him.

“You started it!” he yelled

“What?! You pushed me in kindergarten! That started it!” I screamed, aware of the mascara running down my face.

“I LOVE YOU!” he yelled, while standing up.

My jaw dropped a couple inches.


“Never mind, uhm hoe bag?” he said insincere.

“I’ve gotta go” I say, quickly getting up off the bench and running towards the lake.

“Wait! Evan!” he yelled after me, I look back hes on his knee’s. More tears descend my face. I stop running, and look straight back to him.

“Please” he mouths.

I shake my head ‘No’ His head drops, I turn around and continue to run, starting on the running track around the lake.

“Please” he yelled one more time, before I ran from his view, and him from mine. I could barely see the track, as I bound forward, not caring where im going, or who saw me. I pass little kids with there parents, elderly, and joggers, receiving the same look from everyone, either disgust, or pity.

“I don’t need a pity party!” I screamed, aiming at no one in specific. Parents hurried they’re children away from me, I run a little faster, and trip over a branch. I let out a whimper, my hands were cut up now, and my black jeans, were torn at the knee on both legs. I sit at the edge of the path, burry my head in my knees, my brown hair easily covering my face. I sit there silently, for what seems hours, and I eventually fall asleep.


Heat crawls through my body, scaring my skin. Pain shoots through my body, as a figure rises above the flames.

“Are you afraid yet?” he screams

His fingers wrap around my ankles, cold as ice, scorching pain envelopes me, I feel screams, escape my mouth, as I thrash. The Figure just stands there holding my ankles.

“Are you ready to die?” he screams.

“No!!” I scream, heat rises from my throat, the Figure lets go of my ankles, puts his hand over my mouth, plugs my nose.

“Good Night!” he screams one more time.

I thrash as much as possible, but cant get away, and soon everything goes black


“Evan wake up! Please Wake up!” someone yells desperately, while shaking me.

I scream, piercing through the cold darkness.

“Evan!” they exclaim, everything is muffled and hard to hear. I cant see anything.

“Answer me Evan!” they say

I open my mouth, but nothing comes out.

Cold surrounds me, like a frozen blanket. The strength in my body melts away, I feel myself collapse into a pair of arms.

“Evan, Please” they sob.

The cold grows, harsher, if even possible. Every ounce of heat left me.

“Keanan, we need to move her” a new voice says.

‘Keanan’s here?’ I think to myself.

“I know” supposed Keanan says.

I feel myself being picked up, held like a small child to his chest.

A ripping noise comes from behind him, and a blinding light, explodes from his back. Now I can see who’s holding me, they look like Keanan, but, he has angel wings.


© 2010 NeverShoutAlex

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Review please? haha

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I believe this could have made one of the greatest endings for a book ever. maybe put something between this and the prolouge to build up to this. otherwise, AMAZING!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

OOH!! Keenan has wings?!?! Update!

xoxo Caitlyn xoxo

Posted 12 Years Ago

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