A Chapter by Abhishek Izy

A cockroach from N.Y lands in New Delhi for the adventure of his lifetime

Mr. Roach, a cockroach from NY has spent his life in the kitchen of a grand hotel,richer than his relatives who lived in some creepy motel in a desert landscape. The flight to India was luxurious. He happened to book the cosmetic box of his House Lady for the flight or so he liked to assume. The turbulence hardly deterred his spirits while he rubbed some make-up on himself, polished his wings in some flashing pink powder. By the time, the plane landed in the Delhi airport runaway, Mr Roach decided he looked stunning and the natives would be bowled out instantly.

The natives however had the other idea.

As his House Lady hopped out of the plane, Mr Roach surveyed the scene anxiously. Hot sun menanced his existence. S**t!! He forgot his hat again.

"Holy Christ!! Is this a country or a calamity??" he shrieked, cursing his House Lady for selecting this part of planet for vacation.An Indian housefly buzzed by staring at him.

"Huh." whispered Mr. Roach " Possibly never saw a foreigner." He wondered if he could dive back in the handbag and search for some sun screen.

It was dangerously hot outside. However he was quite aware of his House Lady's handbag. He often co-related it with some Cambodian war-zone sprouted with landmines. Once he was caught in a flash flood of L'Oreal left uncapped. It took him ages to wriggle out of mountain of cream and he smelled disgusting for days. He couldn't risk it in alien land. No way. Period.

Soon he was travelling in some weird metal box under his House Lady's luggages. 

"Auto rickshaw" He heard her lady calling it. The ride was horrible, the luggage case almost crashed over him at times. Peeking out, he felt the gust of hot thick smokey air. 

"Jesus Christ, its a f*****g oven out here", he felt disgusted. 

He sneaked a look at his House Lady who sat trembling in a corner muttering some "God, save me verses". Apparently, it was her first Auto rickshaw ride, and so was his.
He stared at the driver. 

" Dude, you think you are 'Jason Statham' or what!!! I don't want to die in a road accident for worst" he screamed.

Finally the hell ride halted. Mr Roach jumped in the luggage before it was picked up. Inside the luggage, everything was dark. He sniffed the compartment. S**t,he landed in the underwear section. Things were terribly wrong for him. He longed the smooth towel on his skin. The towel which smelled of shampoo, a little damp, warm and heavenly. Outside, he could feel the swaying of the luggage case. Someone was carrying it somewhere. 

"Guess, its time to hit the sack. Hope the hotel is good." He whispered to himself, while swinging on something which felt like a panty knots.

Zipp!! the luggage was zipped wide open. Mr Roach dashed for a hideout. He was a big Bruce Willis fan and jumping, skidding, flying across was in built in his genes.Bumping on a soft cotton, he gave a somersault before diving in for a hideout beneath the perfume box.

"Boy, do I love action" he smiled. It was a long time since he smiled.

However the action continued. After parkour-ing through the compartment, eventually he flew out of the luggage case and crashed on the bed. Alert, he surveyed the scene.
His House Lady was getting ready for shower.

"Jeez!!" He turned his gaze. Respect your Owner - had always been his motto. 

The bathroom slammed shut and Mr Roach realized that he was the sole owner of the entire room and its accessories. Next few moment, he spend bungee jumping around to get his knee joints back in action. The room was awful, and smelled of rotten wood. Mr Roach was proud to be the cleanest cockroach in his neighborhood. 

"Hi Jumping Joe" someone exclaimed. Mr. Roach was caught unaware and stunned. He had a intruder. Turning around, he found this tiny creature from the Jurassic ages. It was a native bed bug.

"You.. Is there a thing called privacy??" he gave a sarcastic nod.

"You look like a cockroach, a weird one. Are you??" the bug replied timidly.

"Hell, I am. I'm from NY by the way."

"I'm from the second last pillow from your left. They call me Chotu. Are you a tourist??

"Chotu?? What kind of name is that, huh. I'm Mr Roach."

"Nice to meet you Mr. Roach. Do you mind getting off the bed. Its the village's property and our people aren't welcome to strangers."

"Look tiny Chotu, my House Lady has booked this entire apartment. Do you understand that. WE HAVE BOOKED YOUR VILLAGE right now"

"Firstly, Chotu and tiny are technically a same thing. Secondly, our people don't mind sharing the bed with your House Lady Sir, but foreigner creatures are prohibited here."

"Call me Mr, Roach. We aren't in good terms, are we, lil bro. Anyways, this bed isn't too comfortable for me either. No camouflage around"

"You can always use Kitchen. Cockroaches loves that, isn't."

"Depends, do they have A.C there?"

"You have air conditioned kitchen in the god forsaken place you come from? Does cockroaches even love any cold? Anyways, never traveled that far, Mr Roach. Give it a try."

"Huh, forget it. Now listen, my House Lady will walk out of bathroom door right now. Respect her. Close your eye, until she is fully dressed"

"That doesn't excite us anyways."

"Good for you. So we have a deal."

"Is she juicy??"

"Shut up blood sucker. She isn't used to bed bugs. Try her and she's gonna smash you."

"We have some experienced workers. Alert, active and spontaneous."

"I'd imagine so. My House Lady is a heavy drinker. I'm afraid you all gonna die. Her blood is poisonous."

"I understand you concern Mr. Roach. Do not worry, we are hard working natives. We'll suck blood only for our vital needs. We aren't greedy."

"Poisonous blood is a risk. Your entire population will be wiped out."

"Blood of a drunkard gives us an awesome 'Kick'. We love that."

The door creaked open and the House lady walked out wrapped in a towel. Mr. Roach dived between the crack on the bedside. 

Chotu smiled at the Lady." Its juicy, guys" he chuckled and disappeared beneath the pillows.

"B*****d!!" fumed Mr. Roach. "Didn't close his eyes"

It was afternoon and after a light nap at the dish cupboard, Mr Roach decided a stroll in the kitchen. Cracking his knuckles, he surveyed the scene. Water dripped off the broken
sink, the windows had a mess of spider webs. He wasn't very friendly with spiders. The huge gas cylinder in the corner looked perfect playground for night. He could slide on the concave surface,swing on the plug threads and a steep climbing would be fun. It was hot and terribly humid around. Mr. Roach decided to have his sleep in the refrigerator later.

"Gotcha boy" someone exclaimed. Mr Roach almost fell out of the cup board.

"For Christ sake, who are you" he exclaimed.

"I'm local. You are a foreigner, aren't you?" a dirty looking cockroach smiled it him.

" Yes, I'm. Dude ,you stink like hell."

"Oh, just had a walk in the toilet sink for a while."

"Disgusting. I'm Mr. Roach."

"Whatever, how long you gonna stay."

"Who knows. My House Lady doesn't consult me for vacations."

"I bet she doesn't. You look so frail, had food??"

"I'm on a diet, my girl friend want me to stay fit."

"So where's the chick?"

"Shut the f**k up, I say"

"Poor you. I'm Chatta. They call cockroaches Tel-Chatta here."

"I can't even pronounce it I'm afraid"

"Call me whatever you want, man. Glad you came around."

"Thanks. Are you alone?"

"Alone, are you kidding me. We have an entire tribe here. My grandfather lives with family at shoe rack, brother's at sink, a have few friends in the chimney too."

"Are you serious!! I always thought cockroaches were on verge on extinction. I hardly see them around in NY nowadays."

"Welcome to India.We love breeding, we breed like...umm cockroaches"

"Is your tribe friendly??"

"Depends on your attitude. They want respect."

"Well I've some of those."

"That's what the last foreigner cockroach told us. That f****r flirted with one of our girls."

"Gosh! That terrible."

"Yeah we tied him to the Baygon Spray Nozzle. They blew the hell out of him."

"F**k. That's crazy."

"Anyways, we have a party tonight at Dining Table. Its a whole gathering there. Do you have any idea when your Lady leaves at night??"

"She doesn't consult that either."

"Well, don't mind dropping by. You're always welcome."


Chatta walked merrily back to some crevices on wall, while Mr. Roach blew out an air of relief. The Great Indian Adventure had started.

© 2019 Abhishek Izy

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😂😂😂😂😂....wish I had some other emojis to express my laugh...I actually did laugh! That Chotu and Chatta were hilarious and beyond that.....also Chotu is one of my fave names...
This could be a perfect cartoon series for all ages....don't mind me if you don't like the idea😅...
I guess you said that one should read this and forget this....but I won't be able to erase it from my mind's fun corner...Think am gonna enjoy this book more than a lot!
Many thanks for sharing and do share the next parts too....Be blessed :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

Abhishek Izy

3 Years Ago

Awww that was probably one of the sweetest review I ever got. And I’m glad that this brought smile.. read more

3 Years Ago

Let's check how the next chapters evoke me to laugh! And I believe you can put that humorous essence.. read more
Abhishek Izy

3 Years Ago

😊😊😊😊😊 Thank you for all the sweetness
I laughed a lot reading this. I’m glad you’re writing stories. This is really good. Very original concept and entertaining. I’m also starting out with stories now. Looking forward to the next part. Keep writing Abhishek!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Abhishek Izy

3 Years Ago

Good Morning Dear.

Well trust me if you did laugh, maybe even for a second, I conside.. read more

3 Years Ago

You’re most welcome. I won’t post anything I think worthwhile on this website Abhishek. Just pos.. read more
Abhishek Izy

3 Years Ago

You’re always welcome 😊

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Abhishek Izy
Abhishek Izy

Bengaluru, India

Hello Everyone, This is Abhishek Kumar, and I had an old profile here which isn't accessible anymore under the pen name "AbhishekIzy". Hence creating an entirely new profile, though I might be import.. more..