A Poem by Abhishek Izy

An undiluted attention to the days of the childhood

As the time clicks and plays, slowly the mighty body ages.
You grow enough and little more, with pocket full of rages.
So much into annoying ignorance, as the time keeper watches.
He mockingly laughs at your wisdom, your ticks and your crosses.

If only you remembered, once the grasses grew tall while fighting the winds.
And the cracks between the walls filled with sight of the green meadows.
The bright sun of the winters, brought  dark tans above your necklines.
And the football splashed under the growling dark clouds of the monsoons.

The sparrows fluttered endlessly, straws of dead grasses in their beaks.
So aware of the chattering chicks, nestled behind the meter boards.
The kids rushing out like there’s no tomorrow under the twinkling summer nights.
Only to tell stories of the dark, tingling the little soft  hair on your arms.

Those light infested smoky nights of Diwali, your crackers blew like tiny wars.
The wet colors smeared during Holi, left crazy shades for the fortnights.
Christmas smelled of chocolate muffins and Santa wore like cotton bushes.
The years when they ended, brought in some loud musical midnight rushes.

As the blood rush through your old veins, your sagging head now remembers.
Days when the cricket cards mattered, not the budding breasts of your classmates.
Well I know my words sometimes shocks you, naturally as it bare lay.
Unless you bumped your head somewhere, cuz I ain’t no f*****g Hemingway.

© 2021 Abhishek Izy

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I've read this poem on a perfect day for me. Nostalgia is shining bright in my eyes but there's no map to lead me back to my happy days. How could you make this rhyme so smoothly?! I feel like I'll make floor of hays and stones if I rhyme nowadays. I actually didn't care about who looked how in my school days, neither I do now but as Internet was out of my reach back then, I use to behave well with everyone as if every person were saint. There's something good in not knowing everything, only sometimes though! Good job!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Abhishek Izy

1 Year Ago

I don't really like to rhyme unless I'm into some street slinging stuff but at times, I like to inte.. read more

1 Year Ago

So am I grateful! Irony, I used to get bullied sometimes for having big eyes😅 Thanks!!!☆

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1 Review
Added on April 2, 2021
Last Updated on April 2, 2021
Tags: Nostalgia, gone days, chikdhood, summer, winter, monsoon, memories, melancholy


Abhishek Izy
Abhishek Izy

Bengaluru, India

Hello Everyone, This is Abhishek Kumar, and I had an old profile here which isn't accessible anymore under the pen name "AbhishekIzy". Hence creating an entirely new profile, though I might be import.. more..