The False Hero

The False Hero

A Poem by Nichole Angela

Not all heroes bring salvation, nor it ends in a happy ending...Sometimes a hero strays off the right path no matter how good he/she is...


-The False Hero-

As slow as a turtle, our lives moves at the same speed
Weary of the burdens that were placed on our backs,
As the clock's hands moves, we keep waiting
For someone to save us from despair's grasp

And so the false hero arrives and uttered his speech of salvation
Words that were like an angel's
Capturing the weary souls, they became followers
Thus, promises and vows were made

The hero took them to a wonderful paradise
A glimpse of light until it started to fade
The voiceless victims with no freedom kept following his trail
Hoping for a bright future at the end of that trail

The followers got trapped
In the chaotic world that was born
As the hero turns against his comrades,
He has forgotten the essence of his commitments

Words that deceives were engraved
In the believers' hearts
Slowly breaking those trust that he forged,
The hero kept going through the list of his false ideals

Imprisoned like a bird in a cage,
Various knowledge were locked away from our grasp
Wanting to break the binds,
The victims gathered courage and shouted the thoughts

Noises were made against the prisons bars
Hoping to caught the attention of those who are blindfolded by their own delusions
The hero's direction slowly dissolves into the wrong way

A fair amount of trust were left
They do good deeds but not enough
Those clowns who has another side
Though given a chance, mistakes kept repeating

We pray that the cry of the audience will someday be heard. 
To remove the binds on their lips and speak out the truth
Not to be deaf and answer the people's calls
So that promises can become reality

How long are they going to wait?
They kept wishing for something to change
In this dark world,
A light is waiting to be born


© 2012 Nichole Angela

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Added on October 25, 2012
Last Updated on October 25, 2012


Nichole Angela
Nichole Angela


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