Prologue: Blood Angels

Prologue: Blood Angels

A Chapter by Nichole Angela

Thirst for blood


+Blood Oath+


+Blood Angels+

It was a starry night. The bright full moon was providing brightness over the already light-filled city. Even at this hour, the city was still busy with buzzing activities, which was better. Nowadays, it is better to be robbed in a busy street than having yourself killed by some unknown specie in the silence of the night.

The night sky looks like the back of an illustration board where a diamond was smashed to pieces. If you are fond of celestial bodies, then you will surely enjoy this scenery.

It is true that it is dangerous at night. It is because not only humans, but several other creatures were awake at this time. The creatures of the dark linger in the darkest hours of the day, roaming around at night to find its prey.

On the center of the city, a huge clock tower was proudly standing and busy doing the task assigned to it. It was a 200 ft. tall structure made of tin and copper. Based on its decoration and some fading features, it can be easily classified into the antique category.

A raven haired teenage male was staring at the sky with his golden eyes while leisurely sitting at the ledge of the old clock tower. Each tick of the clock was reminding him that his most awaited time was quickly approaching. The huge timer behind him states:

11: 55pm

The teenage male possesses a dark black hair which can be compared to the color of the night sky. White streaks of hair also flow down on his jet black hair. Although they are not great in numbers, it is still enough to become too evident to ignore.

A small vial was wrapped with his fingers and was resting in his warm hand. The vial was made of glass and was about the size of a thumb. He removed the glass cork of the vial which has caused the substance inside to sway. He leaned the lid of the glass into his lips. He slowly gulped the liquid that was residing inside the vial. He did felt great as it ran its course down to his throat, but something is still missing. The thirst that he was feeling was not completely subdued and he did not attain the contentment that he was seeking when he swallowed the liquid.

“Quite thirsty huh?” A blond male, which has the same age as the raven haired male, was standing and leaning on the clock tower’s wall beside his companion with his arms crossed.

Because of the transparent color of the glass, the substance that it was cradling earlier can be easily seen.

“Don’t worry; it is not a human’s. It is artificial.” He replied.

A red liquid…

What the raven haired drank earlier was…


“You really try your best to tolerate your needs. You are being such a good dog you know?” the blonde joked as his sky blue eyes drifted to his comrade.

“At least I can control myself not like the others.” The raven haired replied with a matter-of-fact tone of voice.

Then there was a brief silence.

“The Fallens…You know, I do salute you for tolerating it, but the question is, how long can you hold that back?”


The blonde, receiving no answer from the person beside him, raised his hands in a surrendering gesture “A piece of advice man, do not be too serious because it is scary. You look like you will kill you know?”

The raven haired sighed. “…Just shut up. Also, stop that ‘you know’ line of yours. You are right about one thing though, we will kill today.”

“A hunter’s job…I know~” the blonde returned his gaze to the city.

The raven haired sighed again.

“May I have one request?” the blonde asked.


“Can I drink some of their blood?” the blonde’s tone changed from cheerful to serious.

The raven haired eyed his partner for a while “…It depends on what class they belong to. If it is a Class 1, you can do what you want.”

“Thanks man--“

The blonde was interrupted when his ally continued, “--Just be sure not to do it in front of her.”

“Got it!”

The raven haired stood up, his black cloak swaying with the cold night breeze. “It is time.”

The raven haired closed his eyelids. A playful grin crossed the blonde’s face as he did the same.

Within a span of a few seconds, the clock tower rang loudly as its hand reached twelve.

As their eyes opened, it revealed a sudden change with their eye colors. From golden and sky blue, their eye color turned bloody red, eyes that were yearning for something. Just like a dangerous hunter hungry for a prey. Gazes that was thirsty for blood.

They are like hungry wolves that were hiding in the dark...

The raven haired grasped the red feather, which was hanging on a thin chain, with his now cold fingers. At the same time, as he held the simple necklace that was loosely hanging on his neck, a pair of black wings erupted from the backs of the two males. Confetti of black feathers accompanied the sudden appearance of their wings.

“Let us go meet and greet our princess shall we?” the blonde that was clad in a white cloak announced.

“Yeah.” With that one word of agreement, they jumped from the high clock tower and glided in midair, aiming to reach their destination as fast as possible.

After years of waiting, the day that we were waiting for has finally arrived.

We can finally meet again…Ellice.

© 2012 Nichole Angela

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Nichole Angela

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Added on October 31, 2012
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Nichole Angela
Nichole Angela


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