A Chapter by Nicky Blaze


"Where's your big sister now Justin?" Devon the pale-skinned, black-haired, lycan dealer asked with a sickening smile as he crouched over the young teenage werewolf who breathed helplessly.


He grabbed the boy's leg and gave a sharp tug causing a loud crack. Justin screamed in pain as the video camera Devon held in his other hand recorded the boy's screaming face. He wasn't supposed to be here, she was. Yet, the love for a person you consider a dear sibling and desire to protect them got the best of him.

Now here he was in a church, losing blood while a lycan who was after his sister was using him as bait.

"You know, this would make a great present, to...who's birthday is coming up? Or right, Ethan's...Ethan's birthday." Devon laughed.


The lycan grabbed the boy's wrist and bit into hit roughly causing blood to pour out of him, what made it worse was the fact that Justin was beginning to hyperventaliate. He never had this problem before but now that he was in a state of shock and fear was surging through his veins it was all he had left.

 Where is she? he thought worriedly his body beginning to shake, until tears began spilling down his cheeks. Is she even coming for me...?


"Oh, yes do cry it adds to the effect of desperation!" Devon laughed before snapping another bone in his body. This time in his arm.


Desperately, Justin tried to keep his mind on something else besides the pain, above them he saw paintings of saints, Jesus and God as well as the twelve apostles and the holy spirit. God, please get me out of here!


"Thinking about God? How ironic that you're here dying in a church and this is the place to heal all wounds, right?" The dealer laughed before becoming serious and grabbing him by the throat resticting the last bit of breath he had in his lungs.

He could taste blood flooding into his mouth.

"Where is Nicole?" He asked viciously.

Justin answered, spitting blood at his captor's face. "F**k you!"


Devon placed both of his hands on the boy's throat and began to choke him until two hands grabbed the back of his shirt and sent him flying across room.


Nicole looked at her little brother hurt and broken, her heart felt the same way. "I'm sorry..."


She picked him up and proceded to jump upwards and flee through the open window she came through until Devon grabbed her foot and flung them to the other side of the church, breaking the pews and a few of the marble tiles on the floor.


Luckily Nicole managed to shield him with her own back and body when they coilided with the wooden seats. She looked to see the lycan walking towards them, eyes black and yellow like that of a wolf along with with veins protruding around his eyes. He snarled as he bared his fangs.


Nicole scrambled to get up and stand in front of her hurt little brother until at lightning speed Devon grabbed her throat and smashed the back of her head and neck against the stain glass painting of Jesus Christ behind the altar that was a good twenty feet from where she once stood with her brother.


"You're a lot faster than the others, but none of you are strong enough to kill me." Devon growled.


"Says you, you prick haven't you forgotten? I'm a New Yorker? What's worse is that I'm from the Bronx." She laughed.


"The worse part about all that is that I'm also a lycan so we're an even match."


The lycan dealer laughed at her remark, but he wasn't joking when half of her face was smashed into the stain glass painting, cracking it's colorful pieces. That half of her face was scarred and covered with blood and made her vision go a bit blurry. Her body was starting to shake as she tried to will her inner wolf from breaking free.


"You're also stupid," Devon said with a smirk.


She smirked baring fangs as the eye that was blurry and  covered in blood shifted from it's normal dark brown color and to black and red, veins burned under her skin as they protruded out like Devon's.


"And you're done for."


She snarled at him before sending a hard blow to Devon's head causing him to stumble backwards in pain. Quickly, without anytime to waste Nicole grabbed hold of Devon's neck shoved him forward with so much strength she sent them sliding across the church's marble floor with tiles and the wood pews breaking and cracking as debis flew everywhere. She held a tight grasp on his neck and squeezed until she was shaking with anger.


Devon managed to place a hand to her face, his claws digging into her tanned skin until she was sure his claws were deep enough to leave a burning pain. Her vision was getting blury, until she felt him knee her in the chest causing her ribs to shake painfully. Devon then kicked her off of him and she landed in the white tiled Baptismal tub. Water splashing as she fell in.


Submerged she managed to wash away the blood from her face with the water, until the lycan dealer appeared behind her and grabbed her jet-black hair by the handful shoved her head down in the water. Nicole immediately elbowed him back in the face and grabbed a the metal candle holder and whacked him in the head with it. He fell to the floor beside the tub and she stabbed him in the back with the sharpest point that was on the candle holder.


"N-Nic..." She heard Justin say and immediately rushed over to him.


"I'm here, little brother don't worry," She said putting up a smile. "I'm going to get you out of here."


"Not so fast." She turned around only to be knocked to the ground by something heavy hitting her head.


Wha...She thought but was soon cut off  by the blurry view of Justin being kicked in the ribs while Devon laughed manically. Nicole tried to move but couldn't while Justin's screams began to fade out of hearing and then next thing she blacked-out.

© 2010 Nicky Blaze

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i like

Posted 10 Years Ago

A very good read. I like how fast paced it is. I wish it flowed a little better. There's some grammatical errors. Some parts could use more elaboration, like when Nicole talks about being from the Bronx in New York. How does that relate? What's important about her being a New Yorker? I've never been to New York so I don't know what you're trying to say when you say she's from the bronx. Can't wait to read what comes next. =^,,..,,^=

Posted 10 Years Ago

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