CHAPTER 2: Dorms

CHAPTER 2: Dorms

A Chapter by Nigaiyuki

The second chapter of Magic made in Heaven :3 Hope you all like it.

Once again, I'm being pushed and stampeded on by the other students in this crowd. It's because we're already assigned to our dorms. It's all written on the bulletin boards which is being blocked by several mages from the academy.
"I give up, I can't take it anymore. My arms are hurt from all the bumping going on in there." I was gasping for air because I was being suffocated in that crowd too.

Yumi-san was standing beside Naomi who was sitting on the side of the hall.
Yumi-san, she was an impatient girl, she doesn't want to be kept waiting...
"That's it. I'm coming through!"
She hands formed together in a diving position, and using her abilities she dove right into the huge crowd. Immediately, a path formed when she did it. Naomi giggled "That's Yumi for you, impatient as always."
It happened all the time last year. When Yumi wants something, she wants it NOW. NO EXCEPTION. That impatient quality of her can be a troublesome sometimes but, it's also very useful in times of need like this one.

Yumi-san then waved at us, "Guys! We're in the same room! Room#45!!!"
I thought for a while and looked at Naomi, "That's on the second floor isn't it?"
Naomi smiled and nodded,"Yeah, It'll be easier for us to go up and down after classes!"
That's good for us. I feel sorry for the other student mages that got the top floor. Even if we have an elevator here, it'll still be tiring especially if you're tired form all the classes and training sessions.

Yumi-san tugged my blazer, saying that she wants to go up and check out our dorm. But we first headed to the Mage's Office, where we got our seals.It's like and in the form of an identification card and key card for the students. Each student has a different seal each year. Each personalized according to his magic, interests and abilities.

The three of us went up to the second floor. Once we got in front of our door, we scanned our seals in the scanner beside our door and it unlocked itself.
The room was fully furnished. There was a small, cute kotatsu in the middle of the room,a very small kitchen, a decent study table, several shelves, a clean spotless bathroom and a small walk-in closet that can fit all of our clothes and other stuff in. Where are the beds you ask?

That's what our seals are for. There's a scanner on a blank wall at the left side of our room. We scan our seals and the bunk bed of that mage will appear. They can also move the bunk bed, whether the mage wants it high or low. I couldn't wait, I scanned my seal and my bed appeared. I wanted my bed to be in the middle, so I lay a finger on my bed and moved it to the middle of the wall. And I climbed up and lay down.
Naomi and Yumi changed their clothes first, then they did the same thing.

"I feel so tired. There were lectures in the morning and non-stop training in the afternoon. I don't think I even made any progress on my magic." Yumi-san said while rolling over and over her bed.
Naomi sighed, "Me neither..."
Before I can make my statement, someone knocked on the door, and shouted at it. "HEY! YOU GUYS OPEN THE DOOR!"
Naomi stood up and opened it. Apparently, it was Hiroto-kun, Kiyoshi-kun, and... Ryuuji.

Immediately the three came in. Hiroto-kun, always playing with the fire in his hands. His scarlet hair all spiky and his uniform was always unbuttoned. Kiyoshi-kun would always cross his arms in any situation. He's very popular here at the academy, when I met him there were a lot of girls that went crazy staring at him with lovey-dovey eyes. And finally, Ryuuji. I don't quite know him yet, but he's just as popular as Kiyoshi-kun and he's quite alright with me too.

Yumi-san waved her hand at them while lying on her bed, "Hey. Are you all in the same room too?"
Kiyoshi-kun answered, "Yes, we're all roommates."
Hiroto-kun put his arm around Ryuuji, "We're right beside your room ya know... ROOM#46." He chuckled.
Ryuuji stared at Naomi, then at Yumi, then at me. "You haven't changed your clothes yet?"   I shook my head, saying no.
Hiroto-kun's eyes glistened... He went close to me and gave a malicious smile, "Want me to help you change?"
"Stay away from me you pervert!" I shouted at him and along with that, I gave him a taste of my magic. I shocked his whole body with white lightning. But it seems that I went too far.
Kiyoshi-kun poked him with his finger, "Hm... He is now well-done."

I think that I cooked his flesh a little. But knowing Hiroto-kun, he would recover in no time. As I was saying that statement in my head, Hiroto-kun stood up and acted as if nothing happened.

The afternoon passed by very quickly. All of us went down to the dining hall to eat dinner and again, we went back to our dorms. Me, Yumi-san and Naomi set up our beds and turned in. But then... I could hear the boys next door making a lot of noise and not only that I could also hear Yumi-san snoring a little louder than usual.

This... Is going to be... a very long school year....

© 2012 Nigaiyuki

Author's Note

Sorry... If this part took a while...
Next chapter will be out soon...

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Interesting, I love the way it was written and how clear you penned it
~Keep writing~

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

I will~~~
I'll try to keep it as interesting as I can... :3
Rhianne Ney

10 Years Ago


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