A Poem by Nigaiyuki

This is a poem about Alice in Wonderland... Well my version of Alice in Wonderland that is... Please review and enjoy. ;3

Hey, let's play a game
Is hide and seek alright?
I always get to be the seeker
Well, just call me Alice then...

I have a friend who has long ears
Yeah, she's a white rabbit
Always running away from me
But that't the whole point of the game, right?

Going to another dimension, I counted
My rabbit friend just went there, cause I heard
Finding her is such a drag
Where could she have gone this time?

Blue frills, black ribbons, white lace
My dress flowed as I was running
It's still whole even though I shrank and grew
As I kept drinking and eating random tea and cakes

I met a pair of twins, they told me a lot of stories
A crazy hare, mad hatter and a mouse?!
They're obsessed with tea and cakes
This, I have to say...
Is one hell of a world

A caterpillar... He sat on a huge mushroom
Smoke came out of his mouth
You don't see that everyday
Then... I must really be dreaming!

Walking through the woods
My feet are seriously killing me
This game is very hard
But, I have to find my friend...
Where is she hiding anyway?!

When I started to sit down
A cat smiled at me up in a tree
She came down and told me
About a palace that was near
In there lived a queen
That was where my rabbit friend was hiding

I followed a path that was white and red
And at the end, I met a bunch of cards
They were painting roses a deep red
I asked them why, and they answered
"If the roses were white, off goes our head!"

I took a brush and gave a hand
But then trumpets suddenly played
All the cards lined up , a path formed
Someone walked up to us,
A woman in a long red dress

She had cold red eyes, like blood
I felt that I would freeze
She stared at the roses and looked at the cards
Then shouted out loud,
"Off with their heads!"

I was standing right in front of her
Not knowing if I should run  or hide
But then I saw what I was looking for
My rabbit friend was beside the girl
I asked myself, "What is happening...?"

I then knew that she was the queen
She invited me to a game
We played with a bunch of swords
Sparring each other to death
I thought I'd lose

I attacked like there was no tomorrow
And she did exactly the same
My rabbit friend was smiling
I glanced and I got my fate
My blood looked like a rose
It flowed on to the ground

To my surprise, I opened my eyes
I was sitting under a shady tree
My little rabbit friend had her head
Lying on me
I thought about my dream, then I smiled

I looked at my hand, I saw a red rose
My finger had a cut
It was bleeding with shining blood
I smiled and thought that
My dream wasn't a dream...
I patted my friends head...
"That was a wonderful game of hide and seek..."

© 2012 Nigaiyuki

Author's Note

Please tell me what you guys think...
And if there are any errors please tell me...
Thank you very much :3

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Lalalalala, so far I didn't see any errors at all and this embodied the purpose of the main story line of Alice in the Wonderland. Have you read the book though? It was a great one (:

Posted 10 Years Ago

that's awsome!

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thank you very much >wO....!!!

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Hi... I'm Nigaiyuki. That's not really my real name, I don't really want other people to know my real name anyway. I'm very shy to other people. I'm an otaku (for those who don't know what that means,.. more..


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