Winter Prince

Winter Prince

A Poem by Alice Walker

This based off of my poem, "Winter Prince and Summer Queen". I'm debating on making a story about the pair as well as their entire lives....

Winter's chill,
My skin radiates the frozen air of a blizzard,
Yet my soul is fiery enough to combat the ice.
My breath freezes the warmest of things,
Yet my words want to boil over and heat up my world.

Winter's touch,
My lips carry the blue tint of the frostbitten,
Yet they show the pale glow of the frosted rose.
My hands deliver the frost of my Kingdom's rule,
Yet they sooth the chill my love feels when I touch her skin.

Winter's beauty,
My form is molded into that of Winter's royalty,
Yet my mind and soul mimics those of the Summer.
My eyes are those of ice that shall never melt,
Yet they shine with a hidden fire whenever she's around.

Winter's temper,
My fury is as harsh as the Russian winter,
Yet my love as cool as the warm summer seas.
My words are as chilled as the blizzards of Antarctica,
Yet my melodies are as warming as the rain forests of the Amazon.

Winter's Prince,
My hair is as white as the newly fallen snow,
While my eyes are as blue as the icy glaciers of the Southern Ocean.
My skin is as pale as a corpse of someone who froze,
While my robes of court are the blackest of black and always frosted over by my touch.

I am the Winter Royalty's only child,
Long have I been hidden by them and told to live.
But now I will be heard as I should have been,
Not as the heiress to the throne.
But as the Winter Prince, the one who loves the Summer.

© 2013 Alice Walker

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Added on January 6, 2013
Last Updated on January 8, 2013


Alice Walker
Alice Walker

O'Fallon, IL

I am an aspiring 16 year old author and poet. My stories tend to be on the dark side, but also show the lighter side of reality. I love music and drawing on top of writing whatever I feel like. That a.. more..

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A Poem by Alice Walker