Tell me.

Tell me.

A Poem by Alice Walker

Relax your mind,
Breathe in your happiness and expel your anger.
Now, come on and relax.
Breathe in your happiness and expel your anger.
Have you relaxed? Wonderful.

Go to your happy places for me.
Tell me all that you hear and all that you see.
Come on now, speak to me about your inner world.
Tell me everything you can, dear.
Are you ready?

Tell me what you hear,
What you see,
What you taste,
What you smell.
Go ahead and tell me everything.

I hear the sounds of birds singing,
People laughing amongst themselves,
A river flowing through the woods,
A girl singing me a sweet lullaby,
And I hear myself saying I love her.

I see a beautiful black cat with emerald green eyes,
I see a wonderful world where everyone manages to get along.
I see a soothing blue river flowing through a tranquil forest.
I see a girl with blue eyes and brown curls laying beside me.
And I see myself giving her giving a golden ring.

I taste the sweetest air I've ever tasted in my life.
I taste the flavour of freshly baked sweets and breads from the bakery.
I taste the clean air of the forests and the freshwater of the river.
I taste the flavour of strawberries coming from the beautiful girl.
And I taste her unique flavour of her lips as I kiss her.

I smell the scent of cleanest air I've ever smelled in my dreams.
I smell the aroma of sweet and freshly grown roses from the florist's.
I smell the scent of pine and oak mixes in with the clean aroma from the river.
I smell the perfume of the beautiful girl curled up close to me.
And I smell shampoo as I bury my face in her soft hair.

It seems that girl is your true happy place.
Can you tell me her name?
Why you love her?
Why you gave her the ring?
Are you ready to tell me?

I am more than ready to tell you about her.
Her name is Katja Ehrlichmann.
I love her personality, her smile, and her heart.
I gave her that ring to show she already is my whole world.
It's simple because she is my sweet and loving princess.

How adorable.
Now just relax, child, just relax.
Close you eyes now and dream.
Just dream of your happy place.
Just dream about your lovely girl.

© 2013 Alice Walker

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Added on January 12, 2013
Last Updated on February 16, 2013


Alice Walker
Alice Walker

O'Fallon, IL

I am an aspiring 16 year old author and poet. My stories tend to be on the dark side, but also show the lighter side of reality. I love music and drawing on top of writing whatever I feel like. That a.. more..

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A Poem by Alice Walker