Chapter 1-the very beginning of time......

Chapter 1-the very beginning of time......

A Story by Nikki

This is my first chapter re-written. I think it's pretty cool, but i hope it's also liked by you guys too.


     I weakly opened my eyes, still half taken in by sleep.  I looked around confused, until all of my memory came rushing back.  My dream, or nightmare I should say, was still looming around in my head, and I could faintly see the visions I had when I was still asleep. 

     I shivered at the thought of the nightmare I had just had.  The darkness, the sorrow, the shrilling sounds of angry birds calling from high up in the trees, it was all too much for me.  But then I clearly remembered that there was someone else in my dream.  It was… like a, witch, but she was imbedded in darkness, so I couldn’t really make her out.  Who was she?

     I shook myself awake, the idea still haunting me about who it was I saw in my dream.  Ignoring the chilling thought, I bounced off my bed and bounded out of my room.  Stopping to listen, I noticed that the house was oddly quiet.  No television playing in the kitchen, no fresh western sandwiches frying on the stove.  And what I found the most unusual, there was no talking throughout the entire house. 

     “Hello, anyone home?”  I yelled, straining my ears.  No one replied, except for my cat crying for food at the bottom of the stairs.  “Katie, where is everyone?”  I asked my feline-friend, half expecting a response.  She only stared at me, the way a cat would do, with no expression showing in her face. 

     “They must have gone somewhere.”  I thought briefly to myself.  Shrugging, I made my way down the stairs and paused to say good morning to Katie, who continued to cry out for food.  Sitting down at the kitchen table felt very odd, there was no freshly cooked breakfast waiting in front of me.  “This is VERY strange.”  I thought worriedly to myself.  

     Just then, I heard something crash out in the hallway.  The loud cracking of glass shattered the relaxing  silence.  “W-Who’s there?”  I asked quietly as I shook in fright.  No one answered.  I could only see the large shadow slowly sliding against the walls.  I tightly closed my eyes to get away from the terrifying sight.  Moments had gone by, but nothing happened.  I shook and gently pulled my eyes open little by little.  “SURPRISE!”  My family screamed at the top of their lungs.  They were all bunched together, with smiles grinning from ear to ear. 

     “Happy birthday!”  My grandma said as she struggled to push herself out of the crowd.  She too had a big grin on her face.  Oh I forgot to mention one thing, it happened to be my birthday that day, August 9th, two o’clock on the dot! 

     “Thanks you guys, you really had me going there!”  I laughed as I hopped off my seat and went to go greet everyone. 

     “Nice to see you Gran, I haven’t seen you for the longest time!”  I said loudly as I ran to give her a welcoming hug.  “Well how can I miss my own granddaughter’s birthday?”  She replied as she rubbed my back.  “Nicole, it’s present time!”  I heard someone yell from the kitchen.  I rushed through the crowds of people, having to stop every once in a while to talk to someone wanted to bring up a conversation.

     Before i could ask where to sit, someone called me into the backyard to reveal the tightly-wrapped presents.   

     “I got you the best present,” my oma spoke as she crossed her legs, “open mine first.”  She handed me a large package, wrapped in colourful wrapping tissue and a big bow on top. 

     “Wow, this is heavy!”  I said loudly as I struggled to set the present on the ground without breaking anything that might be inside.  I stopped to stare at my grandma in astonishment, what could possibly have been inside?       

    I gently un-did the bow and pulled off the paper covering the box…


© 2010 Nikki

Author's Note

I REALLY hope you like this, i do and i'm trying to still make it better. It might not be too exciting at first, but don't worry-it gets better later on!

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very well written, and yeah we do have similar writing style. XD

Posted 11 Years Ago

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