Woman, Life, Freedom

Woman, Life, Freedom

A Poem by Nima.Hope

To all the Iranians fighting for freedom.


Woman Life Freedom

In their names

That  have become our code

The catastrophe that

 changed our mood

Walks behind our eyes

 like a Nazi regime parade

Kids are being killed

Weaponless people being raided

Mahsa, Nika, Hannaneh

Are heroes of us

I’m so much shy

Comparing myself to them

Cause They died for us

So we live the free Persia

They sang the most touching

Awakening slogan of Asia

Mahsa was 22 and full of life

What was her sin?

To be killed like that?

“The reason was hijab”

Said the Fascist president rat

Nika was 16 and full of life

They killed her with gun

And didn’t tell her parents she was gone

For 14 days to make fun

What was her sin?

She protested for the death of Mahsa

Hannaneh was 22 and full of life

They killed her just

A week before her wedding

They killed the 10 year old Kian

in front of his mother's eyes

with 4 bullets

This is my answer

To the question:

“Why do you want to cry?”

To all brave women:

“You are more strong and brave than me

I’m so sorry for words are my only weapon”

I.R killed 420

With the same stories above

Nazi’s will cry for the things happened to us

We don’t have guns

Being targets of guns

All of it happened

Completely in Persia

A country which once

Was the king of Asia

In culture, in science ,in hospitality

And now it is in war for medieval era’s rights

The basic rights which were banned for long for us

I wanted to cry aloud for thousand times

But for now I’m laughing instead

Cause there’s no tears left

For me to cry

The day of my happiness

Is the punishment day for those criminals

The day we will exile them

And make this motto real:


© 2022 Nima.Hope

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This poem didn't just touch me, it broke my heart. The stabbling emotional pain of your words is very very real. Your poetry is very moving. Be the voice of those whose voices were robbed from them forever, way before their time.

Posted 2 Months Ago

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2 Months Ago

I am with you in this sorrow that you feel for these wonderful young people. Wishing you a nice day... read more

2 Months Ago

Thank you my dear friend for your kindness.
Have a lovely day. Will visit you soon.

2 Months Ago

You are most welcome, dear friend.
your words are a powerful weapon, Nima.
You spread the word of the tragedy in a country where rights have been erased.
Your words are a call to arms, a call for understanding and action.
This is your ammunition, and you use it well.

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

I'm so humbled by your words sir, please pray for us to win this unfair battle, I don't know till wh.. read more
Along the perfect title, what a beautiful meaningful photo You shared along your words my dear...

First, NEVER be sorry, each have their roles in life, and yours is "WORDS". don't underrate the role and power of words. I am happy to see You finally pulling your emotions out, I love this, it is poetical and strong, heartfelt and calm (yes as You've told me :) ) and when the heart beats peacefully trying to deliver the message with no rage, that's a powerful point, because like that You are fighting violence with peace, mess with calmness, guns with pens.

The bright future is ahead of You, keep your eyes there and take care of yourself and your heart and know not only me, but also other friends here are for You❤️

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Your words are kind and warms my heart. I will always take off my hat for those brave boys and girls.. read more

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Added on November 23, 2022
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Vienna, Austria

A Persia Lover, a bookworm, a music lover and a good friend. I have been involved with poetry since I was 7 but now I've started to publish my poems in a website. I really admire you commenting on m.. more..


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