New Partner

New Partner

A Chapter by NinjaShadowWolf

Clair, gets a new partner, about the same age as her. She didn't want one, but will have to work with him anyway. How will this go?

"Have you ever seen a chalk outline so small?" My employer pat me on the shoulder and walked away. I felt like I had been shot in the heart. I haven't been on the job long. My parents recommended me. I'm the youngest working here. I am only 16 and still in high school. I can't take this type of pressure anymore. Maybe I should just give up. I walked back to the station, still a little bit shaken up by what had just happened. I went to a closed room and looked at the file. "We just need to find the killer." I whispered. It wasn't as easy as just being said though. I brushed my well braided reddish blond hair behind my shoulder. My deep blue eyes scanned the paper from more information. I slowly closed the file and threw it on the table. I sat down a spun around in the chair. I sighed. Suddenly, a flash of light got my attention. The chief had opened the door. " Clair! Glad I found you, I'd like to introduce you to somebody." I followed him to outside of the room. There was a boy standing there. He looked about my age and he was Japanese. " Clair, this is Aki, he is from a station in Japan. Since we needed more detectives, and you needed a partner, I figured I'd finally use that favor from them. He speaks English very well, and to test him, he can help you with the current case. I just nodded. I didn't dare speak what I was thinking. I could have completely solved the case myself with out any help what so ever. I'm not a kid! Well, yes I actually am, and so is he. Maybe our team will be unstoppable and we will solve any case there will ever be. Chief left. " Hi, my name is Clair. I look forward to working with you." I smiled, holding my hand out. I waited for a polite response. " I'm Aki, just don't get in my way and we will get along very nicely." Aki walked past me. I turned his way. " I wanna punch something or someone now." I whispered. Then turned back towards the room I was in before. I walked in a shut the door behind me. I was once again in the darkness. I picked up the file again, " I don't need a partner. I can do this myself. I'll show them." I held up a fist in shook it to get excited.

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Any help appreciated.

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Your work is good and I think it's got awesome potential. But it just seems kind of stuffed, with too much info and the likes. For example
"I wanna punch something or someone now" I whispered. Then turn back towards the room I was in before. I walked and shut the door behind me. I was once again in darkness. I picked up the file again. "I don't need a partner. I can do this myself. I'll show them. I held up a fist and shook it to get excited". Why not try writing
"I wanna punch someone or something right now" I whispered to myself. I turned back, heading towards the room I had just come out from. Darkness engulfed the room as I shut the door. I picked up the file. "I don't need a partner, I can do this myself. I'll show them" I said, shaking my fist in the air.

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