The Usurper

The Usurper

A Poem by Sara

Follow the herd, little sheep
For it reeks of rotten good intentions.

Follow the path, little sheep
For it is paved with the blood of the damned.

Follow the shepherd, little sheep
For he will promise you the crown.

Look around, little sheep
For you command the world's greatest army.


Heavy is the neck that wears the cross
Or so it seems to the headless sheep.

© 2020 Sara

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I came by again... truth is a good magnet today.

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

8 months since I posted this and it feels like a lifetime ago and like yesterday at the same time. I.. read more

1 Month Ago

Please do.
Your words... these poetic glimpses... how they create such a vast, dark story of the world... of corrupt leaders... of frail followers... of the suffering of the silent. You create a powerful place in your words.

Posted 9 Months Ago

"The Usurper"!!! great title ... so many "sheep" are led astray to the dismay of common sense .. Jim Jones instantly leaps to mind ... the Maharishi Mahesh another .. they come and go and take so many people down a "path of enlightenment" that is darkness itself >;-[ your poem sparks all kinds of things "A Nation of Sheep" by William Lederer and first published in 1961 is still relevant today (in my opinion) i'm reading you rpoem from a Christian perspective .. not sure that is your intent .. the "Usurper" ...Satan .. is not a bogey man .. he is smooth a silk and will decieve even the elect of Heaven so Jesus taught .. many of us will follow .. as our minds are fooled to the point we think the darkness is the Light .. and so how very deep that darkness is ... i don't quite understand you closing ... unless the one wearing the "Cross" is a true Christian ... (or truth speaker, truth follower) .. then your "headless sheep" perhaps has a chance having recognized the weight of truth ... many times will bring the wrath of the darkness raining down ... great, wonderful, thought provoking write says i ... gave absolutely no thought to form, rhythm nor rhyme as the theme absorbed me noodle .. good stuff Sara!

Posted 9 Months Ago

Sheeple abound where no is allowed to think or speak...

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Added on August 21, 2020
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Koper, Slovenia

“There is no answer. It's okay. But even if it wasn't okay, what am I supposed to do?” -Raymond Carver more..

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