And So The Heart Breaks

And So The Heart Breaks

A Poem by Vic

An deep experimental poem, depicting what it looks like to get your heart broken.


I had once been a forest.
I glistened with a magical light.
Every blade of emerald grass
was speckled with tiny beads of water,
which made me gleam like crystals
in the early morning.
The soil was rich,
softly compact and spongy
when you strode across it.
The trees that held me perfectly upright,
like rooted legs,
sends a spectrum of colors
with each branch stretching out
as far as they can to capture my beauty,
embracing it tightly.
With each breath I take,
wind blows,
and the trees filter the water crystals,
breaking them into smaller segments.
Then the golden sun catches the crystals,
and then they twinkle and shine like tiny diamonds.

My heart had been its source of life.
Like crimson blood rushing through veins,
a river,
ocean blue,
flowed through the forest,
dispersing life.
It pooled and circled in a perfect ring
around each tree,
traveled in trickles
between each individual blade of grass,
and ended its journey,
seeping deeply into the soil.
With each beat of my heart,
the river pumps into the forest,
creating a beauty that was a sight to behold.
But my heart had fallen in love.
It beat more and more,
contracting to create a rushing flow of the river,
dispersing the life so quickly through the forest.
I welcomed the feeling
and the forest shone more vibrantly.

But all at once,
my heart broke,
and the river was poisoned,
flowing much more slowly.
The soil dried to a gray,
cracking and flaking.
The slow poisoned river continued flowing.
The emerald blade of grass
became dull and brittle,
stiffened and broke off,
fluttering in sad clusters to the ground.
The slow poisoned river continued flowing.
Until it finally infected the trees.
The dark began to chip.
The leathery leaves went brown and papery
before they broke off.
The branches twisted and moaned in agony
and then limped in despair,
exposing itself to the harshness of the world.

And then,
the body and forest was destroyed,
poisoned by the acidic rain that poured into
my heart.

© 2012 Vic

Author's Note

I have read many poems describing heart aches after a breakup and while most of them may be lovely, I wanted to try something different by writing about what a heartache may LOOK like instead of FEEL like. Do you think I've succeeded in capturing this?

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This is one of my favorite pieces of yours. It is very powerful, your use of description and details are the best I have seen when writing about this certain topic. I always feel like I am being transported into your poems as I read them because the imaginary is so powerful. Lovely.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Simply beautiful, sad and compels you to read on :) My fav part is-
"My heart had been its source of life.
Like crimson blood rushing through veins,
a river,
ocean blue,
flowed through the forest,
dispersing life"

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Wow! It is beautiful! I really liked the imagery and description in the poem.
~gone to the finalists in Imagery. Ah! Competition~

Posted 9 Years Ago

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