My Meds

My Meds

A Poem by Nomo

I think I messed up my meds
I took too much
I feel so messed up inside
Voices they scream
They keep clawing at me from the inside
I can feel myself bleeding
My head feels like it's about to split open
The tears don’t want to stop
How many drugs do I take to forget you
Took my last breath
Just play with my heart
Uh oh
Play with my heart
I think I messed up my meds again
This is a suffocating feeling
Pin me to the ceiling
Dying feels kinda feels good
Sedate me
Just some shallow dreams
Uh oh
I think I messed up my meds
I want to leave me
Fragile thoughts
Full of doubts
No conversation
Just a couple of bottles of pills
I've tried to play it cool
I've tried to cover it up
I've tried to talk about it
I messed up it easy
Uh oh
I messed up my meds again
I told you I'm sorry
I tried picking up the broken pieces
I feel the pain
Tearing through my skin
Take me apart
I play alive but I'm dead inside
I keep on waiting
Pull me apart
Clawing me from the inside out
I feel myself bleeding
I feel disconnected
Uh oh
I messed up my meds again
I swear I'm okay
Inside I'm being torn apart
I am blind
I'm so f*****g happy all the time
I have gotten so good at telling lies
My friends always calling me for advice
But they don't know I've been crying
I'm running from everything
They scream and claw
I bleed and cry
My meds are messed up again
I took too much

© 2021 Nomo

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That brain candy will mess you up, I guess it works for some people but I decided years ago that I'd rather just be natural crazy than chemically induced crazy. Too much, too little, wrong chemical, it turns out they have no idea what they're doing when they throw random chemicals at you. The repetition was a powerful mechanism in this poem.

Posted 20 Hours Ago

The importance of taking medications regularly and correctly is captured graphically in this offering. The repetitious "I messed up my meds again" is an indication the speaker knows something is not right and why. Still, the fact that the meds are being taken at all is good news. I knew many people who became non-compliant deliberately because they believed they were well. They were the ones who ended up getting committed again and again.

Posted 1 Day Ago

Balance is everything. The right amount of meds is key. Messed up meds lead to confusion and a whole lot of other stuff. You conveyed that well in these lines.


Posted 1 Day Ago

Wow, very awesome. I've forgotten to take my pills before and it's not a good feeling.

Posted 1 Day Ago

Good poem, reader can learn how confused you are , with or without the meds
I could feel you are looking for Blance

Posted 1 Day Ago


1 Day Ago

Thank you for your review, I am confused about what to do in my life at this point in time when ever.. read more

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Added on February 23, 2021
Last Updated on February 23, 2021



Menomonie, WI

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