The Evocation for a New Revolution of the Mind

The Evocation for a New Revolution of the Mind

A by W.R. Singleton

"A dramatic change and far reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving"


1: "an act or instance of evoking; a calling forth" -
2.)"A new creation through the power of the memory or imagination" The American Heritage Dictionary

"A dramatic change and far reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving" - wordnet

illuminative, tending to illuminate or illustrate (illuminative reading (thinking!)

The Illuminaries...

Where are our free thinkers, our Transcendentalists, our Beat Generation? Where are our new-visionaries, philanthropists, philosophers and intellectuals? This is a call, an evocation if you will, for a new movement: to rise above mediocrity and normality and transcend beyond the plains of static conformity.

We are standing on a world divided and crumbling beneath our slanted feet - foreshadowed by the luminaries of our past. We must outthink ourselves, discover a new path to enlightenment, and become illuminaries of our cause.

We are spiritual, enigmatic revolutionists of our art and life, emissaries of the flame of new thought, and the pall-bearers of our own deficiencies. We are not perfect, but we are persistent, and we can change the world; in the very least, the manner in which the world thinks.

I am an avid reader of those who revolutionized the cognitive thinking of their time - an admirer of Emerson, Thoreau, Whitman, Kerouac, Ginsberg, Dostoevsky, Goethe, and Kant among others - and I can only ponder where such writers exist today.

I do not claim to be among the next intellectuals, but I know they are out there. My design in seeking out these Illuminaries is to unearth their visions and philosophies and introduce them to the world. It is a new age and time, and much that has been written is still meaningful, but society has evolved. We are faced with new tragedies and ingenuities every day.

I'm reaching out, in search of new schools of thought, and hope I am able to contribute my small part to envelop those I can within the light of a new revolution of the mind. A potential unparalleled is about to be unleashed.

I am an Illuminary.

Join me,


© 2009 W.R. Singleton

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Dear W.R. Singleton

This piece is something in which I have been optically craving to read for quite some time now, and allow me to say that this is indeed how I wanted to see it done. I too hold a search for others like myself - a task I find myself struggling with, for others like myself don't do the whole "socializing" thing very well, if at all, we tend to leave that to those who feel it of importance. But forgetting "we" and returning to you and I, I hope to offer assistance to this search of yours, for it (as I have previously stated) is a goal you and I seem to share, and one of utmost importance.

You in your profile (excuse me once more; I found myself enthralled) state that you are 'a non-entity with non-all-encompassing imaginings about the world around us.' Allow me to say that I find those exact words a little close to home (I mean this not in a bad way I assure you) - In fact, I believe that you would understand why, somewhat absolutely, if you read my profile in which I have allowed onto this website.

I would be honoured for a further talk, my fellow hunter of...I'm unsure of a noun of sorts that would be acceptable, for I feel we could share communication that only "kinds" like us truly adore.

I thank you for this...message, my companion.


Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on February 22, 2009


W.R. Singleton
W.R. Singleton

Lubbock, TX

Walker R. Singleton is a non-entity with non-all-encompassing imaginings about the world around us. Therefore, he is deluded and irrelevant, hardly worth the fleeting thought that passes through my mi.. more..