The Imposing Truth of Self

The Imposing Truth of Self

A by W.R. Singleton

No one is true, even unto themselves.


Why do we live among such unconfortable lies, lies we ouselves create?

No one is true, even unto themselves.
We are as unreal as the falsified pretences
we so openly impose.

The self-exuberant dust-bone lies,
so conveniently arrayed behind surreptitious eyes,
reflected within the mirror of our guise.

From what beginnings does the mind alleviate such tragic misunderstandings?

Stark raving mad,
illustrious moon-clad,
reflective being, a dream to spark
a dreamless scape upon the boughs
of a limbless tree stripped forest of the mind

Speak unto those unwilling to listen
with boisterous unrelenting clatter,
tongue-tied and smitten by cold unrepentive glances -
a renaissance of falsehoods and seeping reality
through cracks in the pavement like voluminous drops of hope
fallen from the sky, disappearing
into the vast dark sinkhole of our sink-soul.

And yet, beneath the shadows of humanity, I realize that our false pretenses are our true selves; like so many other personalities our subconscious creates, for all intents and purposes, to be used involuntarily as defensive mechanisms. We are complicated machines, constantly morphing internally like chameleons outwardly, splitting our personality into so many mirrored personalities...all multiple fragments fused into one internal whole like a puzzle that takes shape through pieces that are forcibly fit, but do not belong, creating a befitting collage of dark, unfortunate, indecisive images that appear beautiful from afar.

© 2009 W.R. Singleton

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How is it that the truly atrocious stuff on those site gets all the praise while somewhat decent stuff goes unnoticed? I was honestly pleasantly surprised with this, incredibly interesting though without the last paragraph I would have considered it naive. I would say that it sounds perhaps a little too biblical and that the concept It's based upon is rather overdone and unoriginal, plus the structure, especially in the last paragraph, is a bit too messy for poetry. However, I do think it was incredibly well written and a damn sight better than any poetry I've come up with. Well done.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on February 22, 2009


W.R. Singleton
W.R. Singleton

Lubbock, TX

Walker R. Singleton is a non-entity with non-all-encompassing imaginings about the world around us. Therefore, he is deluded and irrelevant, hardly worth the fleeting thought that passes through my mi.. more..