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When you lose it

When you lose it

A Story by CoraZanini

I shouldn't be the one describing it

So crossing over writercsafe I noticed myself being bored. So out of nowehere I went to see if there are some contests open. Not to join,just to read something interesting and see where are people thoughts and minds right now and these days.
As I kept reading contest by contest I only found poems,love poes,fantasy stories etc. But I couldn't find anywhere other's opinions and a contest that wanted to hear it.
And then I found this one,I thought it was at least the closest to expressing opinions from all the others I saw.And I just went to see what are others pieces on this contest and again I found other kind of expressions,which are completely awesome just to say,it just wasn't what I was looking for.
So I figured: okay,right now I can't seem to find anyones brief story,essay on some topic that is bothering them but I will write my own then.
So this is my writing.It's not a love story,it's not a fantasy story,it's not even a poem.It's just an opinion,opinion about how I see the world these days.Maybe it's egoist idea but I needed to say it,I needed to let it out.
So yeah,someone who is reading this(if anyone) could notice it is not a comfort writing.It's an agry writing,yes I'm full of anger.And why?  It's such a rethorical question,beause yes- I may be young,I may not know everything or anything about real life but I can see and I can feel the hate and problems and sadness that is going on constantly in this place.Just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm only suffocating and struggling with shallow love and relationship problems.
Oh no,I have a problem with equality -free world,with unappreciating every individual, with using people with less influence and power.I have a problem with not respecting,with less and less ambitious people in the world and all of that really is influencing me,because majority doesn't deserve this kind of life. People with less power and money shouldn't be lying on the streets while the top minority is driving in limos and spending money of the society in their own purposes.
A couple of weeks ago there was a refrendum about gay marriages,two sides were created :those voting for- to define marriage as a relationship between man and women and those who were against-defining marriage as a realtionship only between ans and women.Fights lasted and lasted for weeks and when finally came time to vote majority of people voted for which means against gay marriages. 
And as much as it wasn't my business,it was my business 100 precent. I was living in this society,I am' living in the country with zero tolerance.And how can people discriminate other people so much? They basically took someones basic human right-their discrimination was based on sexual orientation and that is no way right.How are we planning to move forward if we are going to suffocate rights of anyone who is a little different than us? 
Besides this,I was really hurt to see that that referendum costed the state 48 million(valute).With that money we could give homes and build shelters for people I see praying on the streets,people who are trying to make it out of collecting bottles and people sleeping in parks not knowing what tomorrow will bring.
So yes,I'm a truly mad.Mad at the society,mad at the world for not trying to make any changes,for not trying to see,angry at people for being blinded by success when all they need to know is that success is only a temporary thing.
It's bothering me that all I here these days are fashion shows,grades,apple or samsung inventions.
And I know,I am aware that this is just one of angry letters in a whole sea of angry minds but one day maybe someone who is by the defition  "important" and powerfull human being will see it and maybe..just maybe he will decide that enough is enough.
So yes,it wasn't a fantasy story or a horror story(although it could be that type),it was just a piece of my opinion.I know-so egocentric.

© 2013 CoraZanini

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Wow... that was a very interesting story... I like the way you think

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

thank you:)

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1 Review
Added on December 16, 2013
Last Updated on December 16, 2013



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