A Poem by Penguin

"that day will come."

amongst quivering breath and irrepressible trembling;
the girl slowly, uncertainly, lifted her head,
her movements like that of a faulty toy - jarring, feeble

through the blinds came winter's sunlight, harsh and unforgiving,
fast-fading in the reminisce of the day
it spilled generously onto her face, her neck -
how weak she looked now. 
you could see the decay. 

and yet,
even now -
her eyes -

perhaps the saddest thing of all.
something's still there.

if there were any god, such eyes would've long since become unseeing.

please, no -
but yes -
tinged with hope.
you could see raw agony, the kind that still bled freely like some long unattended wound
and something so chronic it would be a sin to call it loneliness, even emptiness, and oh,
sadness vaster and deeper and containing volumes of intensity greater than the sky itself

and hope.

what's this now? her cracked lips are moving, changing, creating -
the rasping, scratchy noise that tumbles from her - confused and broken and barely alive
is a sore attempt at words. but again, she tries, even stops shaking for the effort,
and the way she clutches at herself, you fear it's all that's keeping her from collapsing completely,
without the support, you fear her very bones may crumble,
but her arms are moving now, moving tentatively from around her frail body,
shifting, moving 
she's coming alive again, for the final time.

her fragile form embraces the light, her arms reaching up into it as though
it holds the answer. 
a whisper
what was that?
coughing and
what did she say?

blink and you'll miss it it's over so quickly she is curled over now, curled into herself
her arms lie by her sides as if they've forgotten their purpose, 
or they don't work anymore or 
they just don't see why they should even try
and her pain is so naked and honest and true not a soul could bare to look any longer 

but she is alone.
she has been alone for a long time now.
she died alone.

but she has been dead for a long time now. ]

© 2013 Penguin

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This was intense, moving

Posted 8 Years Ago

So sad. I don't want to die alone. I hope this won't happen to me. (:

Posted 8 Years Ago

It's so sad to think of such brutal thoughts. Conveying them in a poem only magnifies the sorrow. This was well written, the fragmented sentences added to the air of brokenness and incompletion. The lack of capitalization accented the inferiority many might associated with the speaker of the poem. Brilliant use of the word 'lie'.

wrinkled linen/100

Posted 8 Years Ago

powerful words, well pinned, stylish, emotional, swingy and descriptive
Loved it

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on January 17, 2013
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