Virgin on the Ridiculous

Virgin on the Ridiculous

A Poem by Norman 223

An illuminating caution.


The Bible recounts  how  a wedding night

Tradition demanded  the  presence.

Of ten virgin maidens with their lamps alight 

To provide adequate luminescence.

Now five of these unsullied maidens  went out

Making sure  that their lamps were filled

With virgin olive oil ( without a doubt)

But the other five,  much weaker willed

Arrived with their lamps,but distraught 

For they'd been lounging all day in their deshabillé

Not giving their duties  a thought.


“We’ve run out of oil. the markets are closed..

 Can we have some of yours?”, they were crying .

“We decided to cook our lunch and supposed

We'd have enough oil for frying”.

But the five  canny virgins (the Bible says “wise”)

 Said  " We were not weak willed,checked our lamps were filled

So we didn't bring  extra supplies.

But , never fear, .we've got an idea,

 to resolve this situation

 We'll create an illusion , called circumconfusion

By waving our lights in rotation."

But unfortunately there was no time to practice,

 So the effect was somewhat sporadic

And the language, was to say the least, tactless

And the condemnation emphatic.

With howls supplanting, the solemn chanting

  As darkness and light alternated

 For the High Priest was just completely nonplussed

As the light on his script fluctuated..

So, with biblical justice, each foolish maid

Was now considered redundant

For their contract was clear, they were just being paid

To make sure that the light was abundant

So although the numbers would not be right

 They still would have to be banned outright 

 From the sumptuous night of feasting and liquor

For, of course one resents  the extra expense  

Of hiring virgins with lamps that just flicker.

© 2020 Norman 223

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this has got the lot mate.. humour, incredible wit... historical fact,, or at least our current take on it... recipes, at least one moral, a touch of sir Norm naughtiness .. loadsa virgins and take it from me my friend, there aint nothing painless about circumconfusion .. when I was done, even as a young kid, the first thing I did on waking was scream at around 200 deshabillés, pass the ice cubes .. it woz mid summer tho..

Luv ya Sir Norm like a fat kid luvs cake.. Take care,


Posted 6 Months Ago

Norman! you must have had sauerkraut for dinner that gave you strange dreams ... producing an even stranger rendition of the Biblical text ... also reminds me of Luke 12:37 "Blessed are those servants whom the master finds on watch when he returns. Truly I tell you, he will dress himself to serve and will have them recline at the table, and he himself will come and wait on them." ...apparently great importance is placed on being ready ... and watchful for that great and glorious day ... no amount of "scheming" will do ... interesting allegory in that rotating dance and alternating light and darkness ... your humor is in this for sure ... but the importance of the theme for me overtakes it ;) peace brother!
keep staying more healthy every day ... and keep safe :)

Posted 6 Months Ago

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Norman 223
Norman 223

Essex UK, United Kingdom

Now, having reached the age of 89 I'm still trying to write as an optimistic exercise in keeping senility at bay, although I reluctantly have to accept age,unreliable memory, pacemakers and synthet.. more..

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