Dont leave

Dont leave

A Poem by Northend

Don't leave is what I want to say
Don't go away is what I want to hear
But I don't get that
I don't understand the feelings
inside of me
I walk into this house
empty as it is
expecting to hear your voice,
to tell me welcome home
to tell me that its ok
I am home now.
instead I see the ghost of
where you use to be
instead I see and empty bed
and empty couch,
an empty home
I didn't reliaze just how
much I depended on your love
how much I needed you
in my life.
now you aren't here
what do I do from here?
I want to go running to you now
I want to make you see I cant
live without you
that my house is not my house anymore
that I don't want it to be empty
that I cant live like this
where did you go?
when did it all go wrong?
what can I do to fix this?
what can I change to have
my family back
why is being alone so hard?
why is walking into this house so hard?
why do I feel so lost?
what can I do now?
what should I do?
why cant I say the words
that are screaming in my head
what is wrong with me?
why does it feel like you aren't
coming home again.
why does it feel like your gone
for good this time.

© 2017 Northend

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heartbreaking , it really touched my heart
I can see how you were broken when you wrote those beautiful powerful words

Posted 3 Years Ago

That's touching.........
Good job keep the good work....

Posted 4 Years Ago

Awesome job! Shows real talent and emotion!

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on August 12, 2017
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Olympia, WA

Hi i am here to just write. if you like my writing then let me know. I am just like everyone else i have made mistakes and done some of the most stuipist things. I have lost the love i had once had. n.. more..

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