A Poem by Northend

left alone
by myself without you
while your off
talking to other men
meeting them
seeing them
while i get to sit alone
why do i feel so tangled inside?
why do i feel so jealous
you tell me he is just a friend
you tell me i got nothing to worry
then why do i feel so uneasy
why do i feel like
your looking for something else
was i too stubborn?
was what's wrong with me
to much for you to handle?
why do you keep telling me
that you love me
when it seems like
that is the furthest from the truth
 why do i feel
like a bother
when i say i miss you
why do you call me werid
when i say i love you
why do i got to fight
to get you to see me
is this how you felt
all those years
that i wasn't looking your way?
why do i feel
your only keeping me
around because i was there
for your son?
that your son calls me
are you only putting up with me
for his sake?
is this just a show you want to keep
just in case you cant
find anther man
to take my place?
am i that replaceable?
Give me a sign
give me something
to say i mean more
then what you been showing me
that i mean something to you
something more then
a provider
something more then
a high school sweet heart
something more then a step dad
i am begging you 
give me a sign
that i am not alone
that its all in my head.....

© 2018 Northend

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Added on April 9, 2018
Last Updated on April 9, 2018



Olympia, WA

Hi i am here to just write. if you like my writing then let me know. I am just like everyone else i have made mistakes and done some of the most stuipist things. I have lost the love i had once had. n.. more..

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