The Run and the meeting

The Run and the meeting

A Chapter by Northend

It is the start, this is where we meet our Guardian


                                   The Run and the meeting



       I stand here looking around. It's so dark; many of people have walked here before and have fallen into the darkness. I'm use to the dark, for I have long ago become and accepted the dark. My emotions are nothing but a biter sweat memory. My heart is hardened like stone; with a lock it stays shut. Never to open. Many women have tried to get inside in my heart but have failed. No one has done it since Katelyn. Women have tried to romance me, they have tried the family routine on me even straight sex but I didn't let them near my heart for the life of me. But more come and try and try why? Why do they try so hard on something so useless? It's something that I have wondering for years on years of life that I have lived. One thing that I have just made a fact is that no one is going to get through my stone heart, or so I thought......


        It is the spring of 1992, somewhere on the coast of Washington.


                I ran not looking back. The things following me are bad things, things that I have no control over. These ‘Things’ is something I have to deal with and quick. I am on a dam beach and running down with the demons hot on my trail. I look up and it starts to rain.

                'Great just what I need' I thought grimly. My lungs are still damaged from be hit in the chest by one of the fuckers. They are burning but I ignore it and I just keep running. This cliff that is blocking me from going into the woods is getting really annoying.

                I steal a quick glance and that’s all I need to see. One of the Dog demons just leaped for me. I dogged out of the way just in time to get a counter attack in before the others could get to us. I twist to the left away from the oncoming and throw daggers at them. When I land I turn and blot in the opposite direction. When I looked back they were already moving and pulling out my daggers.

                'F**k so I'll have to this hand to hand.' I turned around and stood my ground. I felt my sword pulsing. Darkness was forming all around me I could feel is just serge though my body. My claws grew back and same with my fangs.

As the things came closer my blood grew hot and burned. I took out two four-teen inches daggers and got ready for the battle.


                As they reached my in ones and twos I picked them off easily enough. I started cutting them in half and their heads right off. It was easy enough to kill them. All I had to do is thrust my blade deep into their chest right through their heart. As the more come they keep dyeing by my hand. But I get my own wounds myself.


                As the Last four come I look at them in the eyes and they stop. "This is odd" I whisper to the wind. As they surround me, I notice two by standers, people watching this go down. 'S**t' well I couldn’t do anything about it right then and there. So I just turned and looked down at my opponents. They all jump at me at the same time. So I jump High enough to get out of there reach and crash down right down on top their heads. At one point I almost felt sorry for the b******s but then I remembered they kicked my though a concrete building. With that I kill almost everything in a 50 mile radius of that place. I was pissed.


                When I took my blade out of that back of the fourth demon, A girl no older than 17 came up with a guy who was about 18 or so. I assumed it was her boyfriend.


                "Are you alright?"Asked the girl, I looked at them and thought about answering them but the male butted in before I could even open my mouth.  


                "Come on Sara let's go let the freak be here by himself." I thought that he looked really familiar. But I couldn't put place his face anywhere at that moment in time.


                I just snorted and turned to leave when I felt a hand grab my shoulder. I was turned around with somewhat of startling speed. The guys hands were clenched with my shirt in them he was talking mass crap but I wasn't looking at him. I was looking at the hell spawns that were on the cliff. I looked at the guy and thought I might as well hurt him. As he was saying 'that if he caches me around his girl again then He'll kill me', I hurled my fist into his gut. He goes down with a gasp. I hit him two more times once in the head and once in the neck. With speed unlike anything she has seen before I pulled out a dagger and stabed him right below the neck into his back. The girl had no time to scream before I was over her dead boyfriend and covering her mouth.


                I asked her one Question."Do you want to live?" She nodded her reply. “Then come with me, this place is no longer safe." I took her hand and told her to get on my back when she asked why I said "Cuz, I am faster than any man here." Then I pointed to the things that were crawling down the cliff. She gasps and I grab her from behind me and stated running.  When the woods came into few I turned off into a different path. I stop and put the girl down. I sniff the air. The hell spans where far behind us. I felt her eyes on me and when I turned toured her, she looked away.


                "Look, my name is Sara Robinson; I don't know what I saw back there or what is going on but I would like to know." She looked at me. The look she was giving me I have seen before. The look for partnership, that’s what she really wants, someone to hold her when she cries. I feel sorry for her but I can't give that to her now anyway.


                I stared at her for a bit trying to figger out what name I should give her. Then I thought I might as well give her the more up to date name I had at the moment. "Ok my name is John. And to answer your question about what happened the thing that I killed and what we were running from are called hell spans. That’s all you need to know for now. Right now I need you to head west, while I head north. Ok?" I told her. She looked at me while she processed what I just said. Her eyes went wide as she realized just how much danger we were in just at the moment. “Will I ever see you again?" she asked as she looked at the ground as if she were ashamed of something.

                “I don't know maybe in a few years when the war ends."

                “What war?"

                “The war between me and hell." I told her. That is somewhat true. Hell has tried to make war with me and lost before and now they are trying again. It is really sad really I mean I am now running for my life everyday and I have no choice in the matter.

                “Well can I go with you?" Sara asked looking at me. Looking for any hope for a yes, I really wished I could take her with me she has a soft soul and careing eyes but I couldn’t protect her forever and I couldn’t let myself fall in love again.

                “No, not now any way, maybe at a later date. Here take this." I hand Sara A Irish Ring on a neck less." This will bring me and you together again. I am not sure when but will be soon. Ok?"

                "Ok, see you lat-" she was cut off by a sticking cracking sound. I looked and saw they were close. Too close, I looked at Sara and said "Run!!! Run as fast as you can." Then I turn and fled.

                I ran for a long time not caring that my lungs and legs are killing me. The woods are dense as hell. I am dogging trees left and right. And to top it all off a storm just broke out. As I brake lose of the forest I know I am being chased. I look around and see a house that is looks empty. When I get in I find out that it is in fact empty. With the door unlocked I assume that someone is here but no one is here. The house is complete empty. It looks like an ordinary house. Except I can feel the pain of the woman that lives here. She is in pain; she covers up the marks and bruises that are left by her man. They are slowly going into the dark. It's sad really, but I don't have time for this I need a place to hide and wait to attack them.


                As I walk though the hallway and enter a room that will be my hiding spot, the hell spans enter the house. This is not a good situation, I can feel the power of the darkness in me wanting to get out and kill. But I can’t let him out. Not just yet anyway, not while I am in this close of a spot. I feel the heat of the house heater beating down on my neck. I can feel the others walk though the house.  I hide as more enter the house but it doesn’t do much good. They know I am here, they can feel my fear. The pain that I have, they can smell it, taste it even, for they are creatures of the old, and wise. They are born form the darkness; they are the tortured souls of humans that didn’t make to the other side.


 I know I am going to regret this later. I can feel it in my bones they know that it is only a matter of time before I will lose my life. I can feel it my death is coming. ‘Soon I will rest in peace for the rest of time.’ This thought alone made death easier to bare. But why do I still fight? Why do I still run trying to live a little longer? These questions mock me, I still can’t answer them but they are there. They will never go way…….


As my stockers approach my position, I unsheathed my sword. In the dark corner I am in, I wait. Wait for the time to strike. The dry burning curtain of battle fever is just on the edge of my mind. When it’s time, the burning sensation of battle fever will take over my whole body. In my wake I will leave nothing but death and blood. It’s sad really; I can’t stop the bloodshed any longer. I try to fight the thing in side my mind. I know it will win in the end but I can’t help but fight it. The pain of knowing that this thing can just control me is just too much. I know that if my thoughts on this ever got out people will try to save me but they are just putting them self’s in danger. If they get to close I will invoke the darkness in my own heart. And they will all die.


They are in my part of the house now, the poor fools they have no idea who they are messing with. As grip the hilt of my sword, readying myself for the battle up ahead.  I look down at my sword and start seeing the darkness forming around it. This darkness scared me so, I know if I am exposed to it to long it will turn me back to the way I was before. A cold blooded killer and nothing more nothing less. They are just outside my door, I can hear their footsteps in the hall way. They are waiting just outside the door of the room I am hiding in! ‘what are they waiting for?’ I think to myself thoughtfully.


The thing opens my door, and the battle fever took over my arms and legs to do its magic. I charged at my enemies with a battle cry. The first one I caught off guard and with that I took its life with one quick stroke of my sword. As the others try to come in, I drop kick the one that went through the door and knock back them all. I charge forward not looking to my behind I know that one of them has gotten behind me. I turn my blade around and shoved it behind me and felt it hit something. When I look up two more are raising something that looks like a sword gone wrong. As one of them came up with the mockery of a sword, I shoved my sword right through its heart. I pivot to the left and decapied the monster that was jumping at me. ‘These things are hideous!’I thought as I dogged one of their claws.


They were about a little over six and a half feet tall. Maybe even seven feet tall! Who knows? Their burning eyes were bright red just like if they were on fire, the Mark of Hell on their heads. They had dark skin, like a faded black. As one more attacked I killed it without as a second glance. For the moment, It look like if it was human at one point in time. As the last of them charged at me, I killed them with four simple stokes.


I busted the back door wide open, and sprinted through the forest. I run for what seems like eternity. I am as fast as any car ever made and will ever be made. That is a fact that I have learned over the years of traveling. Pretty sad I tell you, I feel many people trying to make the fastest thing around but nothing will ever beat me. As I traveled down the endless paths I couldn’t help but notice that I was being followed. But this one has a different aura then the others that I fought. ‘This should be good.’ I felt the chill of an evil wind coming. As I run toward to what looks like a busy hospital. I stop right in front of the building just to take a good look at it.


‘This will do for now, I just hope that I left whoever was following was far in my dust.’ I took a cautions look at my surroundings me to see if anyone was behind me. Whoever was behind is now gone from the looks of it. That’s when I felt him coming at a slow pace. I feel his aura, it is huge! I turn tail and run inside the hospital.


As I run through the glass door I hear the woman behind the desk scream “HEY, YOU STOP!!!!!” I run and run going through flights of stairs not looking back. Still feel him coming. As I run through the flight of stairs looking at each floor as I go. I couldn’t help but notice that something is going to go wrong here very wrong. As I reach the 9th floor I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. But I could feel something, something was here but I can’t tell what it is.


When I walk in to the 9th floor hall way the door behind me slams shut. I turn around and try to pry it open but no use it was sealed shut. I looked around the hall way and saw something or someone standing just at the end of it. I walked up to the guy that was standing in the middle of the hallway. I look at him he is just a little over 6 feet tall with wide broad shoulders he was wearing a cloak of some sort. I griped my sword waiting for him to make the first move. Come to think of it I thought just how I look to him. A young boy about fourteen or fifteen years of age. With dirty clothes that are too old to still be worn around here. I was wearing some clothes from the 60’s. ratty long hair, and blue eyes.


He smiled when he saw me and that’s when I could see his eyes, his dark green eyes. He raised his head to look at me straight in the eyes. I was paralyzed I couldn’t look away, he stared right in to my soul.


“Hello, young sword wielder.” He said in a cold eerie voice that sent a shiver up my spine. I didn’t like this guy he was to weird. He had a dark air to him, almost as dark as my own! His face suddenly shifted to an expression of shock but just as quickly it had come it had went. I knew that was the problem with this guy I couldn’t feel his soul. No desirers or anything that someone wants or needs. He is the same thing that I felt when the others were killed. This is the guy that took them away from me. He is the one to summon those monasteries that killed my friends and family. My wife was murdered by those things! My kids were murdered by them! I shook my head violently to each side a few times to clear my head. Even with anger blinding me I still could see myself in a clear light. I try to not let my anger take over and rush into this fight, if i do then i will surely die. I look up and see that he has a sword on the right side of his hip. This guy looks like real trouble if he is caring a thing like that.


He smile got even wider than it already is. He looked dead into my eyes. “Well, well, well isn’t a Guardian huh? This is really a treat, isn’t that the sword of darkness on your hip young one?” He asked with one eye brow raised.


I drew my sword from its sheath with such speed that it made his eye lighten up with delight that gave me the scents that something is going to happen in the next few minutes.”Who in the Sam’s Hell are you?” I demanded of him with strength in my voice. But trying to keep it steady, I had a real bad feeling about this guy. I tryed so hard to keep myself even and cool whatever kind aura he is putting out it is making me uneven.


The man standing in front of me cracked a cocky smile that sent shivers down my spine. With my sword already drawn I taped into the power with in it and myself. The darkness started to form around my sword. I pointed my sword at him and with all the power I could muster in my voice I said in a vary commanding voice I yelled.” Why the hell are you smiling for! I will run my blade right through your Black heart. Now wipe that f*****g smile off your face before I do it for you!” I was ready to charge at him at the moment that he even makes a move.


“No, no, no, no, there is no need to be uncivilized about this. Now do we? I’m only here to make my acquaintance with you, young one.” He said with a cool collective voice that still sends shivers down my spine. “My name is Walter of the old. I am here of my masters whim to give you a messenger. I am also a man of many talents and abilities. I serve the dark lord of the fiery pits of hell its self. Now for the reason for my being here…..” He stop talking for about a minute or two then spoke.”There will be a girl, she has a disturbing past. So many things have happen to this mortal girl. You will make her feel safe from all the horrors that she has faced. Time will grow and consume you both and love and hate will drown you both……. Now that I have for filled my masters wish I shall kill u now.” He drew his sword just as fast as I drew mine. He leapt forward with his sword at his side aimed for my heart.


I managed to doge the first strike, but on the next swing of his sword hit dead center in my left arm.  When he pulled it out I yelped in pain. The pain went through my whole body. The pain I felt was overwhelming I couldn’t believe what had happen to me. I wanted to scream out of pain but years of fighting told me otherwise.  Pulled myself together in almost an instance and had my sword ready to block the next strike. When I pulled myself together I thought to myself. “What the hell is wrong with you? Remember the face of your love ones you fool!!!” Walter came up to cut my head off but I raised my sword to counter attack his blow. I throw a strike of my own aiming for his leg. He brushed off my strike like it was nothing. Walter took a swing down on top of me. I raised my sword to stop his swing in mid air. I pushed him back into the wall and made a run for it.


As he recovered from my shove, I was getting far there from him. He started to chase me. I ran passed a room and I froze for some reason. I turned around to see what the hell was making me stop. A boy was being born; he had power and lots of it. I shook my head and started to run again. I turned back to see how far Walter was behind me. He just reared the corner looking right at my eyes. I looked back to the front of me looking for a way out of this place. I see the window almost immediately , I run to it and throw myself out it.


When I landed I broke out into a run without a moment’s hesitation. I look back at Walter and he is pissed, he jumped from the window just as I turned back into the forest. I run again but with Walter of the Old at my heals in the many years to come……...


© 2011 Northend

Author's Note

this is the first chapter of meny i have if you all like it i will keep adding more just let me know if u want more other wise i will just leave it as it is

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