The new life and the sad child

The new life and the sad child

A Chapter by Northend

our hero find him self in a new place and meets a new friend.



Ten years later in an unknown house somewhere near the place of my death……


My eyes flew open; I was in a new room a new place. Not the woods that I am use to, a place with a roof over my head. I look down at my body and see that I have changed to! I am shorter then I was not only a few moments ago. I am in a small room I feel trapped but I don’t even know what or who I am at this point. I look around the very small room. All that is really in here is a bed and a few shelves. I mean yeah there is the book self a T.V. here and a computer. But that isn’t really anything; in this small room right as you walk in you see the bed on the far right of the room. A T.V. right next to it on top of what looks like a small dresser. The book shell is within arm reach of the bed. And that is against the other wall. Right above the bed is a shelf with books that look like journals of some sort. The computer is at the foot of the bed, and that is about it.


I go to the shelf right above the bed, as I got there I see a whole row of journals. That is when I hear someone yell from somewhere below.

“John get your a*s down here now or you are going to be late for school.” A woman yelled. I feel something from this woman. ‘Well this kid that I am in is really afraid of this woman. But that is not the weird thing why do I feel another soul here?’ I pondered this for a while before I just gave it up. I picked up the latest journal form this kid. It looks like he wrote in this daily, so now I can know who the f**k I am and what I am. As I read I realize what and who I am now.


Well from the look at myself in the mirror I am 5’ 10 maybe 5’ 11. I will have to figure that out later, this kid has got good tastes I will say that much black pants and black t-shirt looks like a white t-shirt under that. So yeah he’s got good taste, long hair about down to past my shoulders and half way down my back.


Looking back at the journals I read to see what my new name is. Well this kid is 12 years old, has blue eyes that change every now and then to brown and some other colors. He has his eyes set on a girl called Sara Thomson. According to this journal he has known her for a long time now. Why that sounds so familiar thought to myself. And he is head over heels for this girl. I can feel his feelings for her, dam they are over whelming. Is it me or are all humans suckers for love or what? He has a little brother and a little sister. William is the brother and Jenney is the sister. His parents are still together and alive at least. Let’s what the names of these parents of his, the names are Robert and Linda Matthews. This kid has been his share of fights, that is for sure. I can feel his pain from the fights and the deaths in his life. I know what he feels because I myself have felt these feelings for years.


John that is his name and people have fear on their faces when he fights. He is really strong for his age group. So far I am impressed with what I am reading about this kid. As I keep reading on I feel something or someone try to take over my new body. As the struggle continues I drop the journal that was in my hand. Then I realize who was attacking me, the soul of the kid that use to own this body!


‘Hello? Who are u? Why are u inside me?’ A small timid voice asked me. It kind of shocked me, I mean I have never heard anything like this before. The small timid voice that spoke once before my head spoke one more time before fading off in my mind. ’What are you doing, please help me, I am so scared I don't know what to do no more help…….’


“What do you need help with kid?’’ I asked him as I slowly start to realize that this discovery is going to turn into one hell of a day. It to him a long time before he even replied to me.


When the kid actually replied to me he replies in his small timid voice. ’I am just so tired of everything, and so I tired of everything this world. All the pain and suffering is killing me I don't know what to do no more.’


I looked through the window and looked out the sky. I didn't know what to do, this kid was dying inside me and I can't do nothing about it. ‘I feel so helpless’ thought to myself. I take a deep breath he and began.  “Look I can only remove your pain one way is by taking you into my own body and soul. I do warn you it's not an easy trip it will be painful on both of our parts.” I waited for reply for a while it looked like he left for a while but I can never tell no more.


‘Please do it I know you'll be better in this body and I ever will. Please, I have nothing left to lose the people of this world have taken everything from me I have no way out. Please if you do this I'll be eternally grateful.’ the kids said to me, I now know he is deeply depressed. There is little I can do for him. I look down at my hands and thought about what I was about to do.


“You do know that if I can continue with this you will no longer exist you will just be part of the me? Do you still want to continue?”


‘Yes I do.’             


I close my eyes and concentrated unknown what I was doing was going to kill this kid. But it was his last wish, I raised both my hands and placed them together right through my chest. I breathed in and breathe out pulling the energies of my past and the darkness within me. I felt the kid become one with me all his memories of his past life flooding in to me. At first it was so overwhelming I had no idea what I was doing this is the first time ever joined a soul with my own. An aura of darkness surrounded me as the last of his soul became one with mine I felt pain he went through felt physical pain and emotional pain. I had no idea why or who could've done this to this kid.


I felt so much anger. Much confusion and at the same time I felt so much love, this is a new emotion for me. Out of all the years I have lived of never felt this much love for anyone or anything. I took a deep breath looking at the new me. Everything was the same around me still aura darkness was there but there is little hint of light through it.



“John! I will not tell you one more god dam time get your f*****g a*s come I didn't I get duplicate downstairs!”The same damn woman that was yelling at me earlier just yelled at me again. According to John's memory that Voice was his mother. Earlier she says some about school to see what school is about. I thought, a smile etched across my face as I walked downstairs grabbing my backpack unconsciously.

© 2011 Northend

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Olympia, WA

Hi i am here to just write. if you like my writing then let me know. I am just like everyone else i have made mistakes and done some of the most stuipist things. I have lost the love i had once had. n.. more..

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