The Break-Up

The Break-Up

A Poem by Chaos Complex

Like poppin a vicodin-

I don't feel nothing when you're bluffing.

Talking that trash to my face,

It's just steam that you're huffing.

Back then,

It was pass pass- puffin and then we making loving.

Hourglass body- I was killing time by giving you the stuffin'.

Now it's nothing.

Now it's silence.

Now it's violence.

Bout to go to church just to repent.

It ain't lent- but it's evident that I gotta give you up with your childishness.

And no- you ain't pregnant, you just so climactic.

We had something beautiful, but you put it in a casket.

It's so ugly- even when you mask it,

It ends up looking like a motherfucking b*****d.

So trash this disaster.

The end is coming faster than a 2012 miscalculation by a stupid pastor!

I ain't your jester,

Your checker,

Or your romantic investor.

You can go blow off; like that Uncle Fester.

I found better.

And it won't ever be you-

Because you don't know what love is,

You're just a b***h that never wants to lose.

© 2012 Chaos Complex

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Added on October 24, 2012
Last Updated on October 24, 2012
Tags: love, hurt, breakup, sad, rap, hip hop


Chaos Complex
Chaos Complex


I like to express my emotions and feelings in poetry. I write a lot of rap/hip hop stuff. I'm really vulgar. Deal with it. I don't get many reviews, but thank you to those who even bother to re.. more..