An Experience

An Experience

A Story by Chaos Complex

This is what I experienced in my head during one of my exercises in a class for meditation.

I was standing in the hands of a giant being,
Who crushed me to dust in his palms.
It didn't hurt. I didn't feel any pain.
But I could feel myself changing shape.
I was smashed to bits,
But I was still conscious of what was going on.
The giant blew me off his hands, and sent me into the cosmos.
I swirled around stars and planets,
Traveling at the what I could only describe as the speed of light.
The gravity of one world pulled my bits towards it.
I landed, whole.
Once aware of where I was,
I realized that I was laying in a grassy field.
Sitting up, I could see the green blades stretched out further than my eyes could see.
On my feet now, standing up, I looked up at the sky.
It was bright and beautiful, and the clouds were fluffy and welcoming.
The sun for this planet was warm, and not harsh.
It didn't burn your skin; rather, it caressed lovingly.
I breathed in the fresh air, feeling more alive than I have ever been in a while.
I heard footsteps behind me after exhaling, and turned around to face whatever was there.
Two beings. Two females. One dressed in white, looking as holy as one from a church.
The other dressed in black, her outfit revealing the curves of her hips.
Both looked human. But they weren't.
I felt that.
I didn't budge.
I wasn't scared of them.
I knew they meant no harm.
Both of them approached me, arms reaching out, delicately and slow.
I watched them intently, but with no worries.
A hand from each girl was suddenly on my chest.
I could feel warmth from both of them.
What happened next would probably have made most freak out or even worry.
For me, it was necessary.
Both beings hands suddenly sunk through my flesh.
They hadn't penetrated the skin, or made any wounds,
But their hands seemed to melt into me,
Reaching into my very being.
Their other hands soon joined-
Four hands inside of my chest, groping around.
I felt no pain. I felt no fear, I only felt warmth.
They looked up at me, their eyes were pupil-less.
They were only white orbs in those sockets.
Smiles crossed their faces as they seemed to find what they were looking for within me.
They began to pull their hands out, and as I looked down,
I noticed black ooze began to spill from my chest.
On their hands were globs of it.
The liquid looked like heated tar, and they dropped it onto the grass,
Letting the substance coat the green blades the darkest shade possible.
They reached into my chest again, hands sinking into me as if I wasn't really solid,
And pulled out more globs of black.
The two finally stepped away from me and nodded their heads.
All of my impurities and worries were dealt with...
For now.
And then everything glowed a bright yellow.
A blinding light seemed to just explode from the ground,
Covering everything.
I stood there for a while,
Shielding my eyes with my arms.
Slowly I pulled them away.
The light was gone, and so were the two girls- and realized I was in the same grassy field.
But this time there were trees, and flowers of all kinds.
All this wonderful plant life had just come from nowhere.
The beauty of the area intrigued me,
And I ran along, barefoot in the forest.
There were no beasts here.
There were no predators.
There was only peace.

And then,
I was told to come back to reality.
My meditation experience was over.

© 2010 Chaos Complex

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Nice job. :) I like the descriptions!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on June 29, 2010
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Chaos Complex
Chaos Complex


I like to express my emotions and feelings in poetry. I write a lot of rap/hip hop stuff. I'm really vulgar. Deal with it. I don't get many reviews, but thank you to those who even bother to re.. more..