Love Spikes

Love Spikes

A Story by Caleb Pratt

This is a piece of flash fiction that I've revised three times already. I'm gonna do more, but I JUST wanted to publish something for the first time... get my foot in the door.


Caleb Pratt


age 18, 12th grade

Love Spikes

I, an sasssassin, I had comitted a federal crin,e and wouent out with my intterrogator later on, all in the same minute. I maudnered aroudn the hosue, thyrin to sight out any of mey relaties. I don't see a sould walk pass the dorrways. I'm so tensed, seeing the sdishware scatteersd all acros the bend new frudnishement. Its the year 2015.

His sweet talk got the best of me, yet it was case-hardended to get informaition from him wihtout force was whats wrong. iwht Surrsina baeuty for the Alps of Norowwod. Spekd eus potienti wer abou tme, fo rI kne my perptrator. woul good mince meat to my lips touch. He had his own flare. It was his poetic way of telling my abosulets.

Thing are toolls all voe rform blanket,s to glass shagterings, to beorken tpcturs hanigno f fthe wwalls in the small lcing room. Evne the draps wer ruiped and tonr, basemtn foor spwarled open; its as I th ekiller wocomes her, with hiseated singanture ssayin “your next.” This place was called New York City.

(END OF ACT ONE) Reeling trick take a rise for worse, thorugh weakness... never have had limitations with it? Was I apart of something I ddin't wnt ot be apart o fo, butw astucked.? I don't remember what to epect, but I know thinga rne't looking rale bright , ansince the subway crash I waa sin a hour so rso ago. I gototu of there, using any stealht odes I had to make it across the elctric railway tracks.


I could train my mind to fogret cetain things, even if they were impatnat. Ot allowed us to be more loyal as co worker in the field. I idnt; ;ol thetjpghg to fit at first. But the it kind of stuck. Any biog detaisl, like a s scecret that cold deostyr our nation, ha d to kept under metnal lock and key. We coudn't let any sacred ifo be revealed to the enemu. (ENDED: August 8192015)

Ther was no way of escape. I coudn't back out and get on aplane out ohere. They were all scatter aobut, people runnig amock in the steets. I could ma ou there bweidndle d scresma in aogny and afflictions cry. I woudln't be able to outlive my confessiono to my family. They would know, sooner or later, now that this is runnig amock. Why... because... because they I placed a call to their phones as pre recorded message a long time ago, saying who I was, and htough okay a the time. Now I regret it.

I was a Russian Spy. Yes, it was cliché her ein America, but in other coutnries it was sign of death's toll. I was made to run them out. I was catpure dfomr y true parnets, and used as a weapns duerng time of war. Now I have discovered my relatives on tht eother sied eo th eglobe. Russian Spies cane be seen as “lethal spirits” in other countries.

I codl hear the TV spataneously tur on donwstairs. Diuenly foucs cam took aciton. I r an donw the conered stairwa, ociming into a lving living roo.m. The new ws awwwa rpeoting a convoy of amred explsives bieng hauled into perparation.

(START: 8202015) I had to sit down and sor things out. Where could they be? I would say a repsot site, somwhere to keep safe. But did they make it, ar ehtye in dnager and where?

I wonder wher my fmaily wans'. Wer they in hiding? Did they knw more than I d id? Could ther a possiblotity that they knew I was as na an assassin, and they thought I wasn't in faovr of livng them, rahter planning dastarldy dededs agians them? I needed tofind them out, but its gonna be risky in a situaiton like this. I need to at least plan thoug, thin go f the shortsest wa in seekign them out.

My phone in my pocket urng. I lokoked a the front of it Ther wwa ans alrarm and text meessage. “City Urn Starts Now.” This was the the text in bold word.s Wodner who was hbehind ita ll, who develpoed this evil sehcome of sdcehmatics. It maust hae been opartion plans on stragteic menas of ripping this ciy o f its walls. Its fcontrol from wihtin. I knew how ourmiltiary worked, and ithis is one of their Code Names' forj the soudnes of it.

The militaia was herer. They shatterd thorugh the windows, covering the whole floor with tear gass, as it reurpte dtho;rughout the enitre hosue. I rna up the stairs fo rocver, maskngmy mouth with my shirt. IO stadied myslef to jumump ot of the iwndow in the dusted utiltiiy room striahgt ahead. AS odlier was ocming thourhg it. I dove ucner twirign my feet ito llsuop his fooitn. As he felel tot the wood splittered loro, he tured cuffing me, and missing me in the had with his modernized rifle.

I whip my boyd out the winos, sclaing up the steep roof. I can ee the soldier pulluis boyd out the widow, firing projectiles as I somerusutl down the othe rside oht eroof. I feel th ewhiop ripple and swish a smhy somsweoruatl-- off, I've been nicked!

Above me, I codl ssee the whole velinging caving in.

Everyting went black


I found my family, in the wodos out sdie the icyt. We codl aordunt eh fire,s inign old ymns of the dya. Sur ewe wre rfar form home, buts its olawasy been that ways with Heavne and Earht. I guess its only a matter o itme beofrr ereutrn home. Because the end fo these days are near....


© 2015 Caleb Pratt

Author's Note

Caleb Pratt
This, again, is not fully edited. If you want, tell me what you think, and be honest, but its hard to read anyway....

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It's really hard. There are a lot of grammatical errors and typos, or maybe it's meant to be that way?

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Caleb Pratt
Caleb Pratt

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