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Things I believe to do that heal he soul and mind.

Things I believe to do that heal he soul and mind.

A Story by Meagan Byington

Little things you can do everyday to make life a little easier on you.


Things I believe to do that heal the soul and mind:

Appreciate the little things; Admire the Beauty of Earth and its inhabitants, Get lost in the sky during car rides, Notice the Effort put into things, Give Thanks to the ones in your life, Don’t take Precious things for Granted, “Stop and smell the roses”, Relax and Don’t worry.

Laugh Everyday; Surround yourself with people who make you Happy, Laugh at Yourself and your Mistakes, Just Smile, Joke around be silly, Don’t take life so seriously. 

Learn/Do Something New; Explore, Read, Ask Questions & Discuss, Discover new things, Share your Knowledge, Practice Skills, Advice from Elders, Yearn for Self Improvement.

Get Away; Meditation, Lay comfortably alone in a silent area and clear your mind, Go on a Walk, Have your own Adventure, Confide in Hobbies, Make Changes to what brings you down, Create your own Perfect Imaginary World, Vent, Live without Expectations.

Express Yourself; Listen/Play/Write/DO something that’s Inspirational to you (Hobbies), Let your opinion known, Witness/Stride for World Peace for the Good-of-Mankind (non-religious), Don’t let Judgement thrown at you Effect who ye be, Express Healthy Emotions.

Kindness; Give compliments, Help others feel good about themselves, Do Good Deeds, Think of others First, Love one another, Forgive and Forget, Tell yourself You are Beautiful.

Got kinda ramble-ly but at least my points got through, perhaps. xD

:] Good luck.  

© 2014 Meagan Byington

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Added on December 8, 2014
Last Updated on December 8, 2014
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Meagan Byington
Meagan Byington

Cape Girardeau, MO

I'm a carefree adventurer with a child's heart and a passion for art and nature. more..