A Poem by Numb

It was originally to be a song, but now it's a poem so... Yeah.


Now this ain’t something that you hear everyday

A little lonely girl tryna make herself a name

She’s lost all her hope

She’s outta the game

She doesn’t even have something to put in a frame

Her parents have left her alone in the street

Where everyone she meets seems to make a beat

She wants to fit in

She has no more home

If this is where she’s needs to live

She’s gotta be known

Little girl jump and

Little girl swing

Promise me that you’ll forget everything

Don’t listen to them

They don’t know you

Doesn’t matter what they think is true

A little boy lives on the side of the street

Rapping and singing to his very own beat

People passin’ by don’t understand

He don’t understand em either

They say he’s livin’ in a fantasy

A world beyond both you and me

He raps about his life

About his parents

Bout his what’s bad and good

He raps about things no one ever would


Could if they tried

Hands shoved in his pockets

He watches the town rocket

Goin’ up and down with the stock market

Starin’ at the buildings above him

He thinks of his life that’s grim

He knows that someday

He’s climb over the brim

And make a world just for him


Little boy dream

And little boy hope

Walking by those kid who’re “dope”

Don’t look at the people

They don’t know what’s true

They don’t know a thing about you

You and I

Live in a world where

They look down on us

We sit all alone on the school bus

Everything we do seems to be rough

We wait for the day one of us says enough

Someone brings up a pill

Says to use is for the thrill

They’ll lay down the drill for you and me

They say to pop pill after pill

Unless we want to be dead

Pop until our cheeks aren’t red

Why would they say such a thing?

Don’t they know the hazards they’ll bring?

I pull you away

It’s hard just to leave

Seeing all these people make me heave

You kiss my hand

Tell me we won’t go back again

And I believe you cause

You’d never lie to me

We stay together

After you say we’ll split never

I believed you when you said forever

But here we are now

I think I have you figured out

So now I’ll leave you without a doubt

The cops show up soon

Arriving in time with the moon

Disturbing the peace of the night in June

Faces become a blur

As people run away

His hand leaves hers

As the horrid occurs

Cops drag people away

Out of this abandoned house

Until no one’s left except the mouse

She was left alone

As he ran home for his life

Even though there’d be strife

She sits in the back of the cop car

Believing that he hasn’t gone far

She looks in the distance for a light

Wishing she hadn’t come here tonight

As she thinks of everything she’s done

She realizes that he wasn’t the one


To the right, to the left

He is nowhere to be seen

Making him seem just like a dream

She lives in a new world now

Being hauled down to the station

She abandoned love without hesitation

© 2010 Numb

Author's Note

Like previously said, was to be a song so... Didn't quite work out.

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I like how you pieced everything together. You can tell a great story! I am sure a lot of people can also relate to this poem in some way, I know I can with watching the kids in my community. I am studying to be a psychologist and I enjoy reading these types of stories/poems to better understand people and the way they think and this really gave me a new outlook. So thank you! Wonderful Work!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Intense write! :P I liked how you wove the two character's stories into your poem. I thought that it was really clever and well-written. Your poem had a great rhythmic flow to it, although I felt like the rhyming started to get a little forced in the second half of your piece. I loved the second stanza! :) Great work,

Posted 12 Years Ago

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