A Poem by Number51

Long and convoluted poem about penguins and infidelity and a narwhal.

The land bird sits
And waits on ice
He waits for his love
To waddle to him

With egg between legs
She makes her way
Up the hill

Where is she
He thinks
Maybe she is with Fred
Fred is such a jerk

She trips on a rock
Placed there by
Billions of years
Of erosion and stuff

Or maybe Phil
He's been giving her
Glances lately
But probably Fred

The egg comes loose
As she topples over
Holy crap
It's rolling away

I told her
That if I see her
With Fred again
It's through

The egg roles away
But she
Can't catch it
Because penguins aren't fast

I'm probably
Just being
He thinks

She glides on her belly
Down the hill
After the egg
That's fallen

Or maybe not
He ponders
She has been out
A lot lately

She is now
Next to the egg
Going at
Top speed

She's been out
He realizes
Every night
The last week

The egg
Is about
To hit
A boulder

He can not
The last time
They watched a movie

She carefully maneuvers
Herself in front of the egg
But can't stop
Before impact

He just wants
To be able
To trust her

She hits the rock
There is a crack
It is not the egg
The egg is safe

He remembers a time
When they were young
And in love
Those were the days

She lays there
But not entirely
As the egg stirs

He says
And a narwhal
Shoots out of the water

The top of the egg
Cracks open
As a new life
Hobbles out

The narwhal's tusk
Goes through
His chest
With force

The baby
Inspects the body
That was her mother
Her savior

He just wants
To know
That she still
Really loved him

The new born
Orphan bird
Waddles down
The hill

Sucked under
The water
He is now food
For the narwhal

She rolls down
The hill back
To penguin

The narwhal eat
The paranoid penguin
Whose wife
Really loved him

The baby bird
Waddles into town
The other birds ask
Who are his parents

I do not know
The small bird
To the big birds

And I feel that
I will never know them
As I would
Have liked

So as the mother
Lays motionless
Against her
Antagonistic rock

And the father
Is broken down
In the belly of
The nautical unicorn

The baby
Is picked up
And taken in
By Fred and Phil
Who have recently come out
As lovers
And have chosen
To adopt
The chick

© 2014 Number51

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You made me laugh all throughout. My one suggestion is to find some cadence to fit the writing. But other than that, hilarious.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on September 3, 2014
Last Updated on September 3, 2014
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