A Poem by Obbligato

A Reminder Of What Can Happen If We Forget To Take Time Out And Refocus Our Minds, Pick Correct Goals And Priorites. Why We Need To Breathe


I'm in need

I have nothing

And My future self shows me that my hands will forever remain empty

So the definition of my hope

Is hopeless

Dont you dare ask me if that glass is half full or half empty

Casuse long ago

The crystal glass which held the






And blessings

Of my generation

Was conningly but purposefully switch with a cup

Shaped from the insides of the roting tree of despair

So you ask me again

Is the glass half full or half empty

And I reply to you

Look for for yourself 

Your eyes focus to reveal the maggot filled container of my destiny 

So no longer is the question about quantity 

But will you drink?

Will you toast? 

Will you swirl and sip to being hopeless

Every trial and test has its rewards so why does mother earth remain baron

No offspring to Love away the pain of my Labour

So this world has no fruit for me to bear

My mind, soul and body are flattened and unleavened

Limbs unable to bend and conscience unable to function

My being is oblivious to the cold 

So on lonely winter nights

I feel nothing but the grey-scale concrete slab that chokes me in my current position

Its clutch is unbreakable as its been here for an age and has grown to become great walls that encapsulate me in my own cubical of feces and self pity

Of course it stank

Of course it smelt of the effluent that derived from the factory where they made

The Forgone, The Insoluble, The Lost

The diffusion of these particles is a hazard causing me to hold my Breath

Science tells me to Breathe is to LIVE

The system of respiration designed to keep me alive

Inhaling and Exhaling

The Influx of my being for the Efflux of a vacuum 

If I could only taste its essence

For its sap to drip, drop, down onto my tongue and being

Swallowed past my throat and into my lungs

Seeping into my blood stream and being spread to my extremities

Evicting the naught for positivity, being forced to exit via any means necessary

To facilitate and catalyze the circulation of who I'm meant to be

All in equal exchange for


You see the mind is very suggestible and subjective

So with our thoughts as seeds and our minds as green houses

We water what we have faith in

We nourish what we believe 

We fertilize our dreams

In time if we plant plant nurture and feed the seed of negativity

When we look to the distance for our desires and aspirations

We wont be able to see past that tree 

The self made hindrance to me

So here I am

Telling You

Asking You


Remember To BREATHE 



© 2010 Obbligato

Author's Note

Please Be As Honest And Frank As Possible. I Need To Hear FULL Criticism

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Featured Review

This is a very strong piece. It certainly made me take a deep breath. It's powerful. What I got from it, is to take a moment in life and stop. Because with all the chaos that's around it can swallow you whole. This piece also shows one being overwhelmed and desperate for peace. Great job. I read this piece because I just posted one of mine with the same title. I hope you read it and like it. Take care.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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the descriptives are attention grabbin and pull the reader's emotional reaction taut~ and encourage thoughtful meditation~
I've always believed in this : "You are as you think"
thoughts are as powerful as words~

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Again, your honest self is laid bare for all to see - so good, so raw. I liked the part about being questioned if your glass half full or empty - I used to want to choke people when they said things like that when I was so miserable...

Poetically, again, give it another read-through aloud, tighten up a few phrases here and there, and a very, very good poem becomes an excellent work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Added on November 19, 2010
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Tags: Breathe, Belive, Dreams, Aspirations, Desires, Knowledge, Progress



London, London, United Kingdom

I am a young male poet from the inner workings of London. I have been writing poetry for a few years and have been inspired and driven to write by my relationships, experiances, knowledge and emotions.. more..

Obbligato Obbligato

A Poem by Obbligato

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