Prologue - Japanese Men and Cherry Blossoms

Prologue - Japanese Men and Cherry Blossoms

A Chapter by ObsidianSiren

          "The moon is brightly lit and very close, so close that I want to reach out and touch it. The Earth and all its shadows look frightening and cold, but inside, I feel safe. There is a Cherry blossom tree and it stands over me, as if to protect me from my fears. The petals from the flowers fall to the ground but the soft breeze whisks some away. 

          There is a man, he is facing me, the moon can only show one half of his face and body, and I get the sudden thought that the half that is shown to me is his angel, while the other shrouded half, his demon. I am still not scared as he c***s his head and gives me a lop-sided smile. My heart flips and beats frantically at his beautiful face; his devilish side shows me a wicked tilt of his lips. His dark hair seem to absorb the light that comes from the moon and barely reflects it back, but entirely opposite of his eyes, the brightest brown with hints of topaz that shone as bright as a star.  

          He must be 6' 1" with his body being lean, his stance, his presence meant to entice, I am sinking, all too quickly, into his memorizing eyes. There is a scar about the length of my pinkie running from the middle of his cheek to along his jaw, his lips are a bit thin and pale, and while the smile draws me in, I get the feeling he is irritated and bored. The lines around his eyes convey the same feeling. He was the most beautiful Japanese man I had ever met. 

          'What is a young woman doing out here all by herself?' He asks. His deep, accented voice gives me a thrill down my spine. Distracted, I do not turn my head away from him to look inside the building where the party is still going on. 

          'I wanted to get away from those oppressive people.' I hear myself say. Oh what big hands you have, I think as he brings his hand up to sweep through his hair, leaving it rumpled and very gorgeous. He walks closer to me, watching me, just as I do to him. My eyes feel large, trying to drink all of him in. He chuckles, I cannot tell if it is because I am watching him, or if he agrees with me. 

          'I, my fair maiden, am doing the same.' It's the 21st century, but the costume party going on, and the way we are dressed, him a 19th century style tuxedo, while I have a dress made of white silk with copper red embroidery, makes us feel as though we are in the 19th century. 

          He comes very close and kneels in front of me; he has my hand in his and kisses it, very gently. Oh, what big eyes you have. He looks up at me and smiles sweetly. 

          'May I have this dance?' A classical piece starts up as I stand and let him lead. I am certain that he can hear my heart tremble as he holds me. Being as close as we are, I can feel that he is slightly colder than I am and he looks very pale. His eyes are becoming darker as the dance goes on. My breathing accelerates as his grip tightens and I finally get the sense of fear. 

          He knows this; and even though his smile does not wilt, his eyes seem to. 

          'What's wrong milady? Does your partner not suit you?' I blink up at him, our moves slowing down, even though the song is only halfway through. 

          'No, but I get the feeling that you are unhappy about something. Maybe your partner doesn't suit you.' I tell him casually, his eyes widen with surprise for a moment before he schools his features, into one of humor. He laughs. It is an intoxicating sound, but it is empty, like his emotions I imagine. 

          'You are not wholly correct about that. While you are pretty, it is more your scent that has brought me to you. And while I like dancing with you, it is the fact that it's your scent and not you that is keeping me here.' His arms fall away, and I can feel my heart tumbling to the ground like the cherry blossom petals that we are cruelly crushing beneath our feet. 

          'What is your name sweetheart?' He asks as his hand rises to hold a tendril of my hair where a petal has fallen on it. The chocolate brown looks livelier than his skin. The hair slides from his palm and he raises it more to touch my cheek, trailing down to my neck. He gently pushes my hair behind me and tilts my head to bare my throat to his gaze. 

          "Mmm, your scent is intoxicating and it's been filling my head. I've wanted you since you got here." My breathing hitches as he breathes in my ear, my knees feel weak and I bite my tongue so I will not moan.  

          He bends closer to me, licking my artery where my blood is rushing. I cannot move, his earthly smell that was entirely manly envelopes me as he drags me closer, his teeth brushes against my neck I could not help it, I moan. He freezes then chuckles, but it was sad, so sad and I can feel my heart just breaking for him. Therefore, I let him do whatever he wanted to me, as long it would make him happy. 

          'You're not fighting me.' He whispers against my heated skin. 

          'You are sad, and I want you to be happy, so I'm letting you do what you want.' I whisper back. He pulls back roughly to glare at me. For a split second, my heart aches because he is not holding me close. 

          'You would let me do whatever I wanted; because you think I'm unhappy?" He very nearly shouted at me.  

          Without batting an eye, I told him. 'My mother always said I was stupid because I hold other people's feelings and emotions before my own.' Struck with awe at my answer, I felt vaguely proud that he was showing me an array of emotions that he was confused about himself. His lips gently curve into a beautiful smile. It was so much more divine because it was not fake and controlled, it was genuine and I could tell that he was not very open about his sincere smiles and emotions. 

          My heart wanted to give her over to him and I allowed it, he captured my heart in that smile.

          He shakes me gently to bring me out of my reverie. 'This is ridiculous.' He tells me. Then he laid his head on my shoulder. His breathing was ragged and shallow, as was mine I would suppose. 'You are ridiculous.' 

          'Oh, and my name is Ariana.' I whisper before he bared his fangs and buried them into my throat. My last thought that I remember was: Oh what big teeth you have."

© 2012 ObsidianSiren

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Awesome!! I love the ending. But one question what do you mean by "The chocolate brown looks livelier than his skin." Do you mean Ariana hair looked livelier than his skin? But other than that , I'm definitely reading more! :)

Posted 11 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Yes, I apologize that I didn't make it clear. But yes, since he is a vampire, I imagine that everyth.. read more
Good it bets my work

Posted 11 Years Ago

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