Do You Know?

Do You Know?

A Story by After Midnight

A plea for understanding


Do you know that feeling in your chest that starts as a dull ache and spreads and spreads until you feel you can't breath and there is no more room for your heart to beat and you feel as though it will implode and your insides will be exposed?

Do you know that feeling where the world tilts around you and people try and talk to you but their words make no sense?

Do you know that feeling where you want to crawl into a little hole or some other small cramped space and curl up around your knees and cry and sob and weep until your eyes are puffy and dry and there are no more tears left?

Do you know that feeling where you want to jump out of bed and attack the day until it is lying at your feet in bloody strips and pieces, quivering in fear, as you stand, triumphant, over it?

Do you know that sickly sweet feeling that creeps up slowly as you stand on some hill and watch the sun set or the moon rise or as you slide between the cool sheets all alone and you wish that there was a warm body besides you to hold your hand or cradle you?

Do you know?

I do.

© 2008 After Midnight

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I like this a lot, especially how it's ordered. You ended it very well. Heh, I'd say it's a poem rather than a story, but it's very very good nonetheless.
Well done! (:

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on February 8, 2008


After Midnight
After Midnight

South of the Moon and North of the Sun, NM

Some time ago, I learned that I had the gift to bring my imagination to life through paper and ink. It filled me with Life when I had nothing else to give and it gave me Hope, the last of all plagues .. more..