Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by L. Catherine

     If Belle thought the foyer was stunning, it was nothing compared to the Queen's throne room. Every inch of the room seemed to glitter with diamonds and crystals, each gem having their own uniqueness added to the splendor of the palace. The jewels clung to every possible furnishing; tapestries, vases, carpets, picture frames of kings and queens past, even the floor seemed to be made of opals, giving off hints of iridescent rays in the candlelight.


     Astonished by all around her, Belle had failed to see the most grand and decorated object resting plainly before her, a few meters away. The Queen's throne, as it was confirmed to her by Jiminy, was a work of art. Like the rest of the throne room, it was bedecked with a number of fabulous jewels, mainly diamonds, opals, and pearls. The chair itself appeared to be constructed entirely of glass with a plush, velvet backing and cushion. According to Jiminy, the chair was created especially for the Queen upon the night of her marriage to Prince Henry, who later became the King that same night.


     Belle was about to ask what had happened to the King when suddenly, the room grew completely silent and all in the room turned to face the throne. Through a set of small, yet splendidly decorated double doors entered an elegant woman who could only be the Queen. She swept across the throne room with a light smile on her face, holding herself with a calm, yet commanding air. As she reached the throne and sat down upon it, Belle took in the beauty that was Queen Cinderella.


     Unlike the traditional Cinderella story where Cinderella was a young girl, the Queen appeared to be older, as if in her early forties. Despite her age, the Queen's delicate yet partially aged face was framed by hair as brilliant as gold, almost sparkling with a healthy, natural glow. Her dress seemed to be crafted from pure white silk and velvet with pale blue trimmings around the neckline and train. All in all, Cinderella looked to be as beautiful as a queen is expected to be, yet Belle was mostly entranced by her eyes.


     The Queen's eyes were a unique shade, one she had never seen in her life. They were light green, but had an almost electric blue quality to them as well. Belle jokingly assumed that if the lights were turned off that the Queen's eyes would glow in the darkness. Upon looking at her longer, Belle thought that the Queen's eyes were hauntingly similar to her own, though her eyes were more blue compared to Cinderella's. Amid Belle's thoughts, Cinderella suddenly called attention to her military advisor and the guest of her castle.


"Dear Jiminy," the Queen began, "you departed earlier today in such a great hurry, I guessed that something important regarding the problem with magic's balance had arose."


"Indeed, Your Majesty. Here I bring to you Miss Van Garrett. Our hired correspondent was sent out to find a possible solution to the issue and he returned with her. According to him, this young woman possesses-"


     Jiminy was interrupted by the Queen, holding up her hand to politely tell him to be silent. Standing up, Cinderella rose from her exquisite throne and walked briskly towards Belle, both women's eyes locked onto the other's. As she reached Belle and Jiminy, the Queen stared puzzled at Belle.


"Young lady," Cinderella questioned Belle, "What did you say your name was?"


     By now, all the guards in the room and even the Duke had come closer to stare at the Queen and Belle, giving them mixed looks of surprise, confusion, shock, and some even slight fear.


"Belle, Your Highness. My name is Belle."


"And where are you from?" the Queen staring into Belle's eyes, her face growing more pale by the minute.


"Mistveil Cove. It's a small port town in-"


"I know very well where it is." the Queen remarked. The royal court gasped, stunned by the Queen's statement. For a moment, Cinderella seemed as if she were in a daze, but then looked back at Belle.


"Belle... I haven't heard the beauty of that name in many, many years."


     Out of no where, Cinderella launched herself at Belle, tears swelling up into her eyes. Locked in the Queen's embrace, Belle was unsure of what exactly was happening, until suddenly, the Queen pulled away, her makeup smeared, but not taking away from the happiness painted on her face.


"My dear, dear Belle," Cinderella said, "How I've missed you."


"Missed me? What are you talking about?"


"Well, this is going to come as rather a shock to you, but I know your mother."


"You do?! That mean's she's alive?!"


"Yes, yes she is." Cinderella replied, a mischievous smile coming across her face.


"Is she okay?! Is she safe?!"


"Yes, Belle, she's fine... now." the Queen said with more tears in her eyes.


"What do you mean by now?  I've met her?! Tell me where she is, I need to find her now! I-"


"Belle, please, let me explain," the Queen said, her voice cracking, "I am your mother."


"... Mother..."


     Suddenly, Belle collapsed onto the floor. Before passing out, all that her mind was able to comprehend was her mother, whom she had thought dead for eighteen long years, was alive.


     Several minutes later, Cinderella had the throne room cleared out besides herself, Belle, Jiminy, and the Duke. Kneeled down by Belle's side, Cinderella stroked her daughter's hair, taking in the features that so similarly mirrored her own. She could see hints of her husband in Belle was well, such as how her hair wasn't completely golden blonde, having milk chocolate undertones. Sitting on the steps before the throne, Cinderella addressed the Duke.


"Rutherford, do you think you could fetch me some water? I'm sure my daughter will need it when she wakes."


"Yes, madam. Of course."


     As soon as the Duke had left the room, Belle awoke from her fainting spell. Looking about her, Belle came to terms that she was indeed still in the palace, the palace apparently owned by her family. Facing back towards the throne, Belle met Cinderella's electric blue/green eyes and sat there for a moment, gazing at this woman's strange yet familiar face before leaning into her waiting arms.




     After the Duke had returned with the glass of water, Belle and her mother conversed about all that the other had missed in the past eighteen years.


"So, I'm a princess?" Belle asked Queen Cinderella, still unsure about the entire matter.


"In a sense, yes," Cinderella replied, "It's just that the people of Arcadia shouldn't know until your father returns, then we can explain to them how the both of you had to leave. How is he by the way?"


"He's fine, but he's remarried this horrible woman with two daughters of her own," Belle said, obviously hurt that her father had remarried someone as shallow as Madalena when he had someone as kind and faithful as Cinderella and wondered if he even remembered his true wife and home anymore, "Mother, can I ask you something?"


"Of course, sweetheart. You can ask me anything."


"Why did you leave us? Dad and I, I mean."


"To be completely honest, Belle, you and your father left me, not the other way around. But it wasn't because your father and I didn't love each other. It was to protect you. You see, when your father and I were first married, a friend of mine that ruled over a smaller section of the kingdom warned your father and I of an evil sorceress. Years before you were born, my friend was marked for death by this sorceress, but thanks to the help of several fairies, her life was spared. But, one year after your birth, the sorceress came here and told us that she had foreseen that you would someday die by hand of the sorceress or by a monstrous creature under her command. Fearful for you, your father and I left for Earth, ending up in Mistveil Cove. We changed our names to Hugh and Celia Van Garrett, but I could only stay temporarily, and so I had to return here to Arcadia to rule and wait until you were safe. I had to tell the people of the kingdom that you and your father had been ambushed and killed by assassins."


     Tears again formed in Cinderella's eyes, showing the great sadness she had held inside for so long.


"Mother, I..."


"It's fine, Belle. It was what had to be done to keep you safe. Now that you're back though, I suppose we'll need to take care of the sorceress."


"Who is she?"


"No one knows her true name, but thankfully I happen to know someone who does. You'll have to journey to meet her though. She lives in the southern half of Arcadia, closest to the sorceress' old hideout called the Forbidden Fortress."


"Your Majesty," Jiminy broke in, having been waiting patiently for a chance to enter the conversation, "Would you like for me to accompany the princess, to direct her on the right course to Queen Aurora?"


"Of course, Jiminy! I wouldn't trust anyone else," Cinderella replied with a smile, "Now, the most safe route would probably-"


"Mother?" Belle interrupted.


"Yes, Belle?"


"This journey you're sending me on. Well, it might take longer than you'd like."


"... Why?"


"Well, uh... you see, I kind of made a deal that if I helped restore the lives of the residents of Arcadia, I would get what I want most..."


"And who did you make this deal with?" Cinderella questioned, looking somewhat worried and angered.


"He said his name is Jeraud."


"... Of course it is. Why didn't I know as soon as you said deal? Once someone makes a deal with that conjuror," Cinderella remarked with disdain, "it can never be broken until it is either fulfilled or the person that agreed to the deal dies. Personally, I'd rather like to see you live, so it looks like you're going to need to fulfill two quests."


     Rather regretfully, Cinderella pulled Belle into yet another embrace before taking her hand and leading her back to the palace entrance. There, they ordered the Duke to arrange for supplies for Belle's now even more dangerous journey.



     Leaving the palace with the happy knowledge that her mother was alive and well, Belle departed from her family's palace feeling both enlightened and depressed; enlightened because she had found her true family and depressed because she now had two missions to complete. With Jiminy on her shoulder, Belle was on her way to help restore order to the people of Arcadia and now find a way to defeat the unnamed sorceress. She thought to herself that although it would be impossible to comprehend any of this in "reality", if she could even call her old life that anymore, this was exactly what she had wanted; an exciting adventure full of thrills and wonder that she wouldn't trade anything in the world for.


© 2013 L. Catherine

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whens the next chapter comeing? i wants more lol >.< srry for late review. . ..beeen so buisy

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Well that news was a shock. I expected a stronger reaction from belle though and the chapter did go by a but fast. I wonder if her dad lost his memory of arcadia while he was on earth...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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L. Catherine

10 Years Ago

Thank you for the input! I understand what you meant about needing a stronger reaction from Belle an.. read more

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