[Broken Clock]

[Broken Clock]

A Poem by panheadpigments

To Courntey Moise, and Robin Jones. Love ya girlies!


So beat down, wasted her time.

Those selfish people taking advantage of her rhymes.

I hated being just a passerby,

She even told of all their lies.


She was abused, shown so much hate,

But they still asked for more, they couldn't wait.

Couldn't wait, to spread more hateful things,

But she didn't stop, her song still sings.


But someone could only take so much pain.

Only so many painful words, could flow though her veins.

She finally left, it's been so long.

Moderators never believed that they were wrong.

© 2011 panheadpigments

Author's Note

You didn't deserve this. WritersCafe is SO much better than Quizilla. I didn't go through what they did, but I feel like this place is so much moer friendly

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=] I love this! Thank you. And I agree, Writer's Cafe is sooo much better.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I agree with this poem. I love Courtney and even though circumstances have dragged me and Robin apart, they are great people and do not deserve that. I'm so glad that they got out of there. With fame comes great hate. We've found this out first hand. I love this poem and I am sure that they will too.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on May 11, 2011
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