An Adventure From a Wizard

An Adventure From a Wizard

A Story by Octi

                Reading at the semi-crowded tavern bar, Jay Kictew was doing his best to ignore the bartender’s questions. Finally getting through a page, he flipped it. But before he could even read a word on this new page, a mug of ale plopped itself on the page with a skeleton hand grasping the handle. The bones seemed to be kept together magically and they curled around the handle like a normal hand would.

                Looking up at an old face, Jay said, “Take that off my book before it finds itself soaking your clothes.”

                “Not ‘til you answer some questions, boy. You’ve been ignorin’ me. My tavern. My rules.”

                Pushing the mug off of the book, Jay sighed as he dog-eared the page corner and closed it. Returning it to his handbag, he looked back at the bartender and spoke, “I’ll answer your questions if you answer some of mine.”

                “Trade off?”

                Jay shrugged. “Why not? You start.”

                The bartender cleared his throat. “Why are you readin’ in a bar?”

                “Because the library is too quiet. Why are you bugging me and not them?” Jay pointed at the other people in the tavern.

                “They’re regulars,” the bartender responded. “I know them well. You, not so much. What are you readin’ about?”

                Jay hesitated. “About some history in this land. Who are you?”

                “I’m Pictru Keptir. Are you finding the history interesting?”

                Jay nodded as the bartender walked to the other side of the bar to help a customer. When he came back, Jay responded, “Yes. It’s very interesting. What happened to your hand?”

                Pictru Keptir looked down at his hand. “It’s a debt I owe to someone who saved my life. He’s dead now, or at least believed to be. Where are you heading?”

                “Nowhere currently. This town happened to be in my way. Who did your hand?”

                “A wizard.” The man looked around the tavern before leaning in. “Said his name was Wubat Litler. Not well respected around here, you see. Caused the death of many people with his spell experimentation. He was the only chance I had at surviving. I still owe the man, but he left days after. Should be dead, age and all. But he’s a wizard, might have lived.” He straightened himself, but before he could ask Jay a question, the tavern door opened.

                Jay watched as Keptir turned towards the door, stopping to stare open-mouthed at it. The sound of the costumers behind his quickly stopped. Jay turned to look at the door.

                Standing in the doorway was a middle-aged man with brown hair streaked with gray flowing down just past his shoulders. He wore commoner clothing, but his posture said he was more powerful than that.

                Speaking in a deep voice he said, “After all these years, no one welcomes me? I see familiar faces. Won’t you greet an old friend?”

                Keptir seemed to find his words. “Of course! Welcome back, Litler. What would you like?”

                Walking in and letting the door slam shut behind him, he replied, “Anything. You surprise me.” He waved a hand at the costumers. “Go back to your business. I’m just another journeyman.”

                Jay continued to stare at the man as Keptir went into the back storage to retrieve a drink and as the chatter resumed, but quieter. The man took a seat next to Jay. “Who might you be?”

                “Jay,” he responded. “Jay Kictew. You?”

                “Wubat Litler. You are new here.”
                “Yes. Just passing through.”

                Keptir came back with a mug filled with a black liquid. Setting it down in front of Litler, he announced, “Night’s Darkness.”

                Litler nodded his thanks to the bartender. “How’s your hand holding up?”

                “Just fine. It works better than the flesh one I had many years ago.”

                “Good to hear,” replied Litler as Keptir walked away to go help other customers. Litler turned to Jay. “You seem like a wanderer. Do you want an adventure?”

© 2019 Octi

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Added on May 15, 2019
Last Updated on May 15, 2019
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