7 Thoughtless Goals

7 Thoughtless Goals

A Chapter by Octob3r Star

Seven thoughtless goals that I have inherited to best approach my life with.


7 Thoughtless Goals

Goal # 1. 
- To FIND fuzzy shadows of happiness between the cracks on the ceiling tiles. 
Never to close the eyes unwilling, to an opposing character found peering in any shade of darkness.

Goal #2.
- To LOVE yourself, to be no ones excuse to feel sorry, to cry over. 
Always know how to cover a wound, to not expect a heart to carry it’s weight for you. Would they ever know how..?

Goal #3.
- To UNDERSTAND, to see what’s really going on. 
Comprehend, to burn it’s naïve in any sense of a thought that would inherit it’s will to comply with the body’s true nature, which is to fight for its existence. In any case, to plow through someone else’s field if it would not effect it’s sense of quality. 

Goal #4.
- To FORGIVE those who chose to disapprove or disappear. 
Cradle it’s misfortune, to un regrettably find peace and salvation with the notion it’s only a dream before a dream. Find corners of white light peering out of any darker place, uninhabitable. 

Goal #5.
- To CLIMB the highest mountain, ever to discover it’s emptiness. 
To soar past the fastest moving object, to know you deserve it’s fruits. To never let another soul inherit what you deserve. To fall faster, in anyway just to get back up and do it over again. 

Goal #6.
- To maintain FAITH, in any staircase leading to any temple or guild.
Combine trust with honor, to give eyes back that would divide yourself with your soul. Realize that the journey begins with the heart and ends with the heart. To follow your own understanding, to travel prepared. To remember when we were cast into darkness, still-held dreams of a better life. Although we were on-occasion bound by a greater strength, we would have always kept our faith. 

Goal #7.
-To HAVE a goal, to follow through,  to justify why were taking these ideas seriously. 
To not exist for the sheer sense of existing. 

7 Thoughtless Goals
Written; By Joshua Randall
Session 4: Eventually

© 2012 Octob3r Star

Author's Note

Octob3r Star
Sharing my idea of realism.

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I like the goals in this poem. I have set goals many times in my life. Few were done. Life seem to take me where it likes. A powerful chapters. Thank you for the excellent chapter.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I was also intrigued by the title and had to see what this piece was about. Your words of wisdom are something that we could all use in our lives. One line I'm particularly fond of is "Realize that the journey begins with the heart and ends with the heart." Made me want to take on the day. A great read, I'm glad I came across this!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Good guidlines for living life, especially finding happiness even in the cracks between the ceiling tiles...oh, but I can't resist the sheer joy of mere existence!

Posted 11 Years Ago

The title intrigued me for sure, drawing me in.. Here you've given us a mix of humor and true, proverbial insights into life and existence. From staring at ceiling tiles, to making sure you don't "exist for the sheer sense of existing," I find your idea of realism quite enlightening and practical.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Octob3r Star
Octob3r Star

Austin, TX

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