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A Chapter by Octob3r Star


We have this frivolous idea, to pull away from society.
To act different, run away;
but still hold on to the very fabrics that make us the same.
Passing the blame, onto everyone else.
Seen otherwise ignorant, as an unintelligible concept in ones viewpoint.
S**t on anyhow, in any conversation, one sided,
one minded.
Played out in our very own, “nonsense of confidence.”
More arrogance, 
laid in the foundations, inside every city.
At every door step,
built into homes, under bridges.
Survived in the very offices we play in.
Sealed on our oldest known relative.

And on the back of every silver dollar, just reminders;
clues if we've ever paid attention.
…and not just the bartender,
on a Thursday night.
Where the glitter is thick,
where the drinks are pourin’.
With the bass that's thumpin,’ like never before.

On the floor, where we stare down our toilets the next mornin’.
Just to find, on the other side;
used rubbers, some business cards, and a key.
To a car we’ve obviously paid too much money for.
And on this pedestal, we reside, for the next few hours.
Basking with the thought of, “I shouldn’t have gone out last night…”
Right, rebuttal what felt so f****n’ fantastic.
Into another Friday morning.
Where we obviously haven’t gotta clue.

About this attention, the situation at hand;
So concerned about fitting in, being accepted in our own perverted;
self righteous, continuous, internal pity.
Bathed upon,
and loathed quietly in the big space, between our ears.
Only to stand out, like a sore thumb.
Dumb it is, how sour a sore mouth tastes.
After hours of use, and abuse,
Neglecting any true character it could possibly, portray.
Gay, just another summer, another season.
And a stupid f****n’ reason,
To show pride.

 In any case,
Stonewall, Boston, The Shepherd, Proposition #2?
Reminders, ideas, all spectrums of color,
sown, stitched into yet another drag queen.
Who’s pride, means nothing today,

A grotesque mirage, another stupid squalor.
Just another leather daddy, with it’s dogs in collar.
So just stay the hauler!
For open bars, and one dollar drafts,
With laughs, and in the bathroom a quick fling,
With another stupid boy, who cares for nothing.

And on T.V. we'll march, for equal rights,
What rights could be taken seriously, seriously!?
 By us attention w****s?
In the standing press, just actors,
That two- million kids are witnessing on the local CBS.

So yes, 
I have no respect, SIR, for these hypocrites,
and they’re attempts to perpetuate intolerance.
To seem efficient.
No interest in a worthless opinion,
from some idiot, f*g.
Waving some six sided phony flag,
In my children’s, children’s faces,
Because in truth, their just cases, 
…traces, from something once beautiful.

Written By; Joshua Randall
Session IV: Eventually

© 2012 Octob3r Star

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Good write and true , we start out with great intentions and loose our way some rights more important then others but sometimes you just have to start see where the road takes you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

You know, my friend, this is so freakin' true. Sometimes we, as any group of individuals, are trying to get our point out there, but we are doing it in all the completely opposite ways that are going to move us forward. I think we have all seen this with multiple groups who are trying to manuever their way through oppression. It is a tricky business, I think. It is kind of like 'damned if you do and damned if you don't'. I can totally see your point, much like other 'liberation' movements, it starts with the best of intentions. Where it ends can be something else than originally intended. Powerful stuff here! Nice work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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speechless..and thats not easy..fanfuckingtastic :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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F*****g Fantastic!

Posted 11 Years Ago

wow this amazing good work. i love it. gay pride!

Posted 11 Years Ago

This somewhat speaks to me because I am guilty of blaming society for me not fitting in when it was my choice and if I didn't want to be like them then why does it bother me I'm alone?
Good work

Posted 11 Years Ago

You have put together a lot of great words here, I would like to hear it spoken.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is so good that it follow the rhythm of the beastly beats,
seems like your possessed by Ginsberg's amusement and Rimbaud's season in hell....either way it makes the miles of worded inspiration at the your door step worth the wait...good stuff..a future Bellow more than the passing Howl..

Posted 11 Years Ago

This was an interesting take on a very touchy subject. I applaud you for tackling this in a way that will not offend anyone. My daughter had to work at a Gay Pride Festival, which I thought was very brave of her!

Posted 11 Years Ago hit this this one pretty square in the nuts. Although, not so different than other groups of people who covet their proudest moments one day and then act like human beings the next with all of there selfless addictions and need for immediate satisfaction. That being said...I would still rather hang out for show tune Sundays and two for ones, than watch a basketball game at the local sports bar. Bring on the drama!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Octob3r Star
Octob3r Star

Austin, TX

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