Friends or not?

Friends or not?

A Story by Odaisha

a cat and a mouse we're watching t.v.
the cat got up and started to chacha
the mouse looks up at the cat amazed, "wow you're a really good dancer, i like your moves"
do you want me to teach you how to salsa? asked the mouse to the cat.
NO. replied the cat.
the mouse grabs the cats hand and starts to spin him around and shaking his paws in all kinds of direction.
The mouse leaves the cat to go eat some cheese.
The cat was hungry too so he left and went to bake a cake.
When the mouse saw the cake he asks the cat if he could have some, "sure" the cat replied.
when the cat came back with two glasses of lemonade the mouse had ate all of the cake.
"that's the most delicious cake i've ever had in my entire life you should bake some for everyone at the fair" said the mouse.
"well i'm glad you like it" replied the cat.
at the fair everyone laughed and danced and everyone enjoyed the cats salsa and the cake that he baked.
The mouse on the other hand sat all by himself.  
When the cat saw that the mouse was all by himself he took some cake and brought it over to the mouse and kept him company.
The mouse pretended to be sick and asked the cat if they could go home and so they did.
The following year the mouse had learned how to rhumba and learned how to bake cookies.
Everyone at the fair laughed, danced, and all enjoyed the mouse's rhumba and his baked cookies.
For the entire night the mouse enjoyed himself not noticing cat sitting all by himself.
It got late so the cat decided to go home by himself.
the mouse had fun the whole night not noticing the cat at all.

© 2015 Odaisha

Author's Note

i don't know where i'm going with this.

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Added on December 29, 2015
Last Updated on December 29, 2015



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