A Chapter by OfficialTheresa

Be free.

I’ll always love you.

Go! I won’t let you get captured!


            My eyes shot open from that terrible nightmare that kept on returning back in my sleep at dusk. My heart thudded erratically while my mind tried to remind me that it was just a dream. I haven’t quite remembered a memory that was remotely close to this dream. It felt familiar, yet I couldn’t quite catch it.

            I swung my feet over and landed none too gently onto the cold stone floor. I stripped off of my night gown and reached my slender fingers for a navy blue silk gown. I pulled away hesitantly, longingly, as I reach for my faded blue jeans and black tank top. My ma always told me that the blue gown matched and complimented my sparkling cerulean eyes.

            It’s the eyes of any angel, she would always say. My feet padded through the long empty corridors that seemed void of any kind of life. The hollow stairs were just as eerie. Each step seemed to moan a voice of despondency. My footsteps were ever so desperate and gloomy. The halls no longer held the euphoric laughter that it once had. The jubilation and ecstasy was no more. It was as if it had never existed.

            Father and Mother are always working. Always preparing for war. I was always left to fend for myself. My loose honey brown curls bounced, and my wooden locket swung mercilessly on my pale fragile neck. The locket was always on my neck for as long as I can remember. You’re mine. Forever and Ever. That was what the back of the locket. It was engraved so unprofessionally that it couldn’t have been bought. I just couldn’t remember how it got carved. It’s like I lost all of my childhood memories. I can’t remember anything before age seventeen. I felt completely exposed to every danger ahead of me. One word about my past and then my walls would immediately crumble into dust.

All that I remembered was that I was seventeen. I was always seventeen. I was seventeen forever. I never remembered being any older or younger. My family told me I was special. I don’t know how.

Before I noticed my surroundings, I was already at my dark rusty gate. They were already gone. My mom and dad died a while ago in war. I am their daughter and the princess in hiding. Many people said that I disappeared. They said that I died. I admit it. They are in some ways right. I died in spirit. I no longer have a soul. My soul left me the moment my parents died. I was supposed to try and save them. Instead, I just stood there and watched them be led to their fate.

Absentmindedly, my fingers fumbled with the sterling chain of the locket as I waited. It was indeed beautiful, gorgeous if you dare say. It just felt like something went missing. Something that left it cold. Oh, so cold.

I felt lonely. I felt that nobody could save me. My steps were dark and mysterious. A desolate aura surrounded me in a gloomy way. I felt water fill my eyes as they were overcome by a glossy look. It looked so serene yet complete with lost hope. Begrudgingly, tears spilled from my eyes. I lost everything that ever mattered to me. My only mom and dad died after they set out to protect our country. I had no friends. People said that I was too royal and noble to have an average thing like a friend. I was borne to be perfect and beautiful, fit to rule a majestic and prestigious kingdom. I was borne to be young prodigy, made to bend to another’s expectations.

As a little girl, I always believed that everybody has someone who will love them for who they are. I don’t know who I am. It’s all just a fairytale. A fantasy that would never happen to a person like me.




Those three words never appealed to me these days. I always had faith in so many people. Betrayal is bounty to my head. I hoped for freedom. Liberty was a lost cause. I wished for love. Love is a fantasy not made for a princess.

Love was not made for a person whose heart was sooty with dirt from being stepped on and used far too much.

A person like me.

© 2011 OfficialTheresa

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it's beautiful i love it!

Posted 13 Years Ago

I really like it I cant wait to read more

Posted 13 Years Ago

like the visual imagery you paint with your words..and specially the way you end.."Love was not made for a person whose heart was sooty with dirt from being stepped on and used far too much"..keep going !!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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My name is Theresa. I am thirteen (January 28, 1998) years old. I love stories that are action/adventure, a bit of romance, books with a serene setting, sad beginnings, and happy endings. I absolut.. more..

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