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White Horse

By Theresa Do



            I’ve always been the odd one out in my small university. I’ve never been in the city. I hear it’s a busy place where people don’t understand what the true meaning of love and peace mean. I don’t want to go there.

            I was raised in the countryside, and the countryside is my only home. I love everything there. I love the serene baby blue skies and the unobtrusive fields. It gave me a place to sob out my unheard sorrow, and it gave me a place to show my euphoria. I loved how my silky, golden locks swayed and danced with every ocean breeze. Everybody always wondered how my hair looked like fine, untouched gold, and how my jade emerald eyes would entrance every boy into a daze.

            I found it a darkening blessing, for every day I grew weary of it. Now, I find it a shadowed plague that ruined my life Now, I could see that nobody ever saw who I really am inside. All they see is my delicate porcelain skin and my beautiful features. And it tears me inside.

            I don’t apprehend why I ever spent the time looking for somebody to see the true me. When I thought I found somebody, they backstabbed me. Life is sinfully unfair. My life is full of sadness and sorrow. It had little moments of pure happiness. I’ve locked myself up in a cage within my heart and soul. How would somebody feel if they were trapped within themselves?

            I’ve spent for so long to find a solution. I’ve been dying for love. If I could trade my soul to feel the comfort of true love, I would. Even the creatures of the underworld must somehow have gotten to feel just a moment of true love. I’ve been alone all my life. Ma and Pa never had time for me. Pa was always at work to make the scarce money to raise me. He never had time to comfort me. My ma died when I was born. The closest thing I had to love is when I was asleep and could feel my ma holding me in her arms and singing a sweet melody in a voice more angelic than any angel in heaven. Sometimes I wonder if she was my guardian angel.

After months of sitting in the pastures and watching the glowing stars, I’ve finally came with a conclusion. It was a hard cost, but for love and freedom, I’d take it. I can already see the inquisitive and disgusted glances and questions from my classmates and “friends” and the terrified face of my papa as I clenched the small kitchen knife in my hand painfully hard. My other fist was balled up and creating dents within my hand from my slightly bitten nails. Yet, without a single doubt to my plan, I slashed at my jade eyes and felt a sticky liquid trail down in small streams, staining my faded blue jeans. Excruciating pain came right afterwards and frayed every nerve in my body. All I remembered is the siren of a hurried ambulance. Then my body went limp as a sea of black bliss engulfed me. It felt good. No more deception. No more will I shed my tears. No more. Nobody… would want a blind girl.

© 2011 OfficialTheresa

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wow. did not see that coming there at the end. you do well here to leave the reader wondering many many things which should propel them on to read chapter one.

nicely done :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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My name is Theresa. I am thirteen (January 28, 1998) years old. I love stories that are action/adventure, a bit of romance, books with a serene setting, sad beginnings, and happy endings. I absolut.. more..

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