Mr Evans: The Canonization Of Criminals And The killing Of Saints

Mr Evans: The Canonization Of Criminals And The killing Of Saints

A Story by Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

A true story of a Nigerian dreaded kidnapper

Early last week, the Nigerian Police Force welcomed rare accolades for the feat and the eventual arrest of an alleged notorious kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Onwuamadike (popularly known as Evans).

Evans was arrested on June 10, along with six suspected top members of his gang at Magodo Estate in Lagos.

According to available reports, his arrest was effected after an intense gun battle with the Joint Special Forces led by the Intelligence Response Team, the Lagos State Police Command’s Anti-Kidnapping Unit and Technical and Intelligent Unit of the Force under the supervision of the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State.

The unending wild notes bothering on his arrest is very much evident in his unreserved confessional statement. Speaking to newsmen, Evans said that his arrest would mean the beginning of the end of kidnapping in Nigeria as his gang is the most sophisticated in the ‘business’. This should not be trashed as a mere boast or an acclaimed assertion even though we may not be conversant with the parameters he utilised and arrived at his rating. We cannot equally debunk his claims because we are not in the “business”. Now, we must commence an introspective session to arrive at a positive juncture, better still, learn from Mr Evans confessional statement which can serve as a guide to the arrest of the so many unknown Evans lurking around the solitary of their criminal hideouts amidst the luxury of the profits earned from shady dealings.

However, the purpose of this dialogue is to weigh the authenticity of our conscience, perceptions and morality with a vested interest in the celebration of rich criminals against the stoning of the innocent suspects. In the past few days, there is an ongoing trend �" better understood by kleptomaniacs �" canvassing for the release of Evans. Advocates of this illogical stance evolved a hatch tag #FreeEvans to drive home their messy agitations which strives from a square podium of greed, mental imbalance, foolish affiliation, irrelevant solidarity and lack of foresight. Mr Evans in one of his many confessional statements clearly maintained that he intend killing himself before he met his waterloo. In my thoughts, he wanted to kill himself because he was aware of the punitive measures that will suffix his arrest. The Lagos State Anti-kidnapping Act clearly stipulates a death sentence for convicted kidnappers and Lagos state was Evans operational headquarters. So what are we saying?

Now, if the once dreaded Evans knows the cruelty and evil persuasions of his unholy engagements, who are the riffraffs campaigning for his release? To such advocates of unhealthy beliefs I prefer to refer to them as a ‘conglomerates of the sick few’ in a healthy nation. Do not get it twisted, Nigeria cannot witness security lapses if only we can unite efforts to sacrifice the black sheeps. Similarly stealing and dubious enrolments is shunned both in our (Nigeria) traditional laws and constitution. More reservations referenced to the thieves using inks as bullets and the pen as guns will feature in my subsequent bulletins.

On the other hand, spouses, parents and guardians should keep a watch on their lovers, kids and wards. Your husband should not be a bread winner with questionable affluence. Ensure you know at least to a greater extent the source of his/her income; know the location of his/her office address or his business station. I mentioned “her” in this context because prostitution in Nigeria is not a holy venture.

Parents should not trivialise any trace of stealing recorded by a child. Charity begins from home and a child who steals may end up becoming an ‘Evans’.

Realistically noted, any citizen of our beloved nation seeking for the release of Evans should as a matter of urgency visit a psychiatrist for a thorough check. We have many ‘saints’ in detention for crimes they were indicted innocently and they may be sentenced to death someday if they are not fortunate enough to witness the timely intervention of a pro bono lawyer. I suggest to all those celebrating Evans, they should hire the services of a lawyer, contribute funds to liberate an innocent prisoner instead of agitating for the release of a renowned kidnapper. Recently, a picture of a man who stole some tubers of yam trended on the social media. The suspect was lynched and nearly stripped naked for stealing yams but we have so many ‘yam eaters’ being celebrated because they are occupying juicy political offices.

Our generation should apologise to humanity for exonerating criminals and killing the hungry thieves for their excesses. I now understand the reason behind the points of Oga GEJ when he said “stealing is not corruption”.

It is not corruption because those stealing the bulk of our nation’s treasury are untouchable. No matter the connections (if any) Evans should be made to face the law. His acquired wealth should be confiscated and donated to charity.

For how long shall we continue to canonize the rich criminals and kill the poor innocent saints? There is no moral or ethical justification of stealing but the rich criminals should not use their ill gotten wealth to buy their freedoms.

© 2017 Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

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Added on August 21, 2017
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Ajogwu Jerry Ochada
Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

Federal Capital , Abuja , Nigeria

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