{Bizarre Squeeze}

{Bizarre Squeeze}

A Poem by Fabric Pulse

Bullying cannot keep being tolerated whether it's online or offline.


Another day, another scar,

school begins, classmate tirades,

toilet flushing, tearful parades.

Friend fearing hushing,

embarressing escapades.

Leave him alone,

he's already hurting,

the reason he's so different is

because of his home life.

Drunken feuds, domestic violence,

he feels his only choice

around people is to be bashful.

His eyes cry lullabies,

though they are of a desolate pool.

Can't he just for a moment stay

quiet and you mind your

business throughout school?

Another victim of your bullying,

a girl looked down on called eccentric.

Because she's going somewhere

with her life she's considered a klutz?

You only hate her because she

stands her ground against

you ignorant losers and s***s.

Escaping this awful town they're wishing,

one solid opportunity to find better

and they'll take it leaving you behind

as the hamburger meat to grind.

But the torment got worse and worse,

for the girl, emotion built up,

she brought a knife in her purse.

She sliced all those "Pretty" statues up,

their "Mercy" was merciless so hers had

to topple she reckoned, going second.

The boy brought a rifle,

corrupted by fellow man's stifle.

He pulled the trigger on all

those rumors in literal figuration,

the bloodshed so much

more than him bigger,

one by one down for dominoes-

the tombstone graves with a bitter rose.

Police caught up, bathing in the making,

crime labs, connect dots, waking.

"Popularity contests" conjure

a stack of insecurities,

childish hating lends impurities.

We need to just grow out

of spiraling immaturities.

Are the school shootings

enough to do convincing?

Are the knife carvings on face

attacks enough to cause some

of you out there to be wincing?

© 2011 Fabric Pulse

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I loved this Courtney! So true, with everyone being made fun of for being who they are. "They tell you to be yourself {and then they judge you.}"
Well written, as always =)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Whoa! This is pretty emotional and out there...
I so loved this write, very descriptive and well written.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on April 7, 2011
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Fabric Pulse

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