There Just Is No Other Word/Love

There Just Is No Other Word/Love

A Poem by Olivia Rose

Loving You <3

You are my red ballon Floating above the crowds in the clouds You are a single tune Creating harmony up and down, all around And I'd never let you go Cause I know it seems Birds are wonderful things But to go up so high I'd be afraid you might die And to erase such a melody from my head Would be such a dread I don't think I could bare to hear it end So I just hit replay and play our song again Love, such a silly game we play Oh, like a summer's day in May What is love? What is love? I just want it to be love And I, I, I, I, I... I can feel it in your kiss It just gives me tender bliss What is love, what is love? I just want it to be love Love, a word so small yet so complex Oh, means much more than happiness and this love, this sweet love Takes away my breathe And I, I, I, I, I... I don't know what other way to say Oh, might seem a bit cliché But it's true, yes it's true I love you Yes it's true, so, so true So very, very true I love you <3

© 2012 Olivia Rose

Author's Note

Olivia Rose
So it's no entirely done yet, it's missing something, though I am not entirely sure what yet and I need a better title. Anyways, if you have ever heard the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow/I'm Yours by Straight No Chaser, you know they combine parts of Somwhere Over the Rainbow into their song. That's what I wanted to do in this song, but incorporating parts of Matt White's song, "Love". So credit to him too :) I wrote this song for my fantastical and amazing boyfriend, whom I love dearly...obviously haha :) Hope you enjoyed! I appreciate all critisism and advice, so please leave a review telling me what you think and any pointers! Thanks :)

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Added on December 28, 2012
Last Updated on December 28, 2012
Tags: Love, You, Romance, Song Lyrics, Song, Matt White, Mix


Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose


I am dead, well at the moment. I've also been a napkin, a flapper, and a witch. Wha?? Ok, ok so I'm an actress. Currently I play Karen Cooper, an 11 year old zombie, in Night of the Living Dead haha:).. more..