The Story of Baby

The Story of Baby

A Story by Omegax45

Based off a true story, I want to point out how animal cruelty affects everyone, not just the animals. Whether the animal is someone's pet or a stray, animal cruelty is not a joke.



The Story of Baby

by Omegax45



                        My mother had caught a feral kitten that she fell in love with. We took her to the vet and we were told that her back leg, which she didn't put much weight on, was healing from a previous injury. She was also diagnosed with a very faint trace of feline HIV. The vet told us that because she was young, she may fight it off. We took the kitten, named Baby, home. Two weeks later, we notice that Baby's having a hard time breathing and we took her back. The vet took x-rays and told the horrible news.

                        Baby had suffered a terrible tear in her abdomen when her leg was injured (the vet suspects that someone swung her around by her legs and threw her). Her intestines are wrapped around her lung and heart, and she only has a quarter lung left. The doctor came in and said she required a rare surgery to save her life, but her chances of surviving the surgery are ten percent. On top of that, because the injury happened when she was a couple weeks old, there isn't enough room in her gut cavity to put her intestines back.  There was also the chance that the lungs wrapped up in the intestines cannot be salvageable, let alone the intestines crammed inside her rib cage. Combine with her small size, her feline HIV status, and the lack of weight, her chances are further decreased.  The doctor had also talked to a specialized surgeon, who turned down the $6,000.00  surgery, as he also agrees with the doctor after looking at Baby's x-rays that she may not survive the surgery.  even if she did survive, the recuperation time may take its toll upon her.  If she survives both, she may live a life with difficulty breathing.  All in all, it's not good. 

                        With each day that passes, Baby's condition is suppose to get worse.  The doctor stated that she may have a month to live.  It will take time for my family to get the money together for the surgery, and time itself is not on our side.  The doctor stated that by the time we have the money together, it will be too late.  As of today, my mother is deciding against the surgery.  She wants to talk to the surgeon personally, perhaps try and see if the surgeon could see Baby himself and possibly see if her chances are higher than what the doctor said they are.  However, I cannot find myself to hope so, no matter how attached I am. 

                        In the meantime, we are going to give Baby as much love and care as possible until the time comes to say goodbye. My mother is refusing anymore cats after Baby. During this time, I pray that Baby's final days are the best ones she ever have.


© 2013 Omegax45

Author's Note

Miracles may happen for Baby. We never know. Anyway, I just wanted to post this in my fight against animal cruelty. If you see something, say or do something. It may be a stray or someone's pet or, heaven forbid, your own pet that is being harmed. Don't let animal cruelty happen.

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I love animals its a shame people have be such a******s. I really enjoyed it Omega nice job!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on July 12, 2013
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