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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Omegax45


by Omegax45



Note:  Please read ‘Guardian’ before reading this story.  Thank you.


Chapter 2


                        His friends asked him the next morning of a scar that had suddenly appeared on his cheek.  They were heading to school and they had seen the bandages upon his face.  He had laughed and said that he fell and hurt his face long ago and was using make up to hide the scar until his cousin took the make up away.  It was hers after all.  His friend Brent didn’t believe him.  Unlike his friends, Brent was gifted with the Third Sight, the ability to see through the disguise magic of glamour.  He knew what his friend was the minute he laid eyes on the child, but vowed to not say a word. 

                        They met after school and Brent demanded the truth.  The child sighed and told him, expecting a lecture.  Brent simply held him and told him not to do it again.  As loyal and protective all of them are to each other, they could not be there all the time.  The child promised Brent.  He did not like to make his friends sad.

                        They returned to their friends and talked about what they would do for the rest of the day after school.  The child could feel his cousin’s eyes upon him, yet did not say a word.  No words were needed.  He knew he was loved.


* * * *


                        The young man and his companion walk through the city.  Buildings were torn in half and their broken ends try desperately to reach for the sky like before.  Concrete roads were reduced to broken lines that have cracks on the side that took little bits away from them each day.  Vehicles remain silent and changing into rust with the passing of each rain storm.  Highways stood as broken reminders of when this city was once connected to others.  Weeds and vines slowly advance in their attempt to retake the land the city was built upon, to return it to the forest it was once stolen from. 

                        “This place,” the man begins, breaking the silence between them, “They used to call it the City of Sin, right?  Now look at it.  A mere mockery of how humans try to prove their superiority against nature.”

                        “I take it you hated this city before Armageddon.”

                        “Not necessarily.  Demons thrive on such places in abundance of sin.  We get to see who we will be torturing next once they die.  In Hell, absolute truth is the ultimate weapon, especially to those that believe that no one can touch them.  I find my rare wine is to see the faces of such people once they realize their fate.”

                        “Are all demons like you?  A bunch of sadists?”

                        “We live in darkness, only lit by the flames of Earth.  We were robbed of our rightful place in the light.  We cannot even punish the one that is responsible for our demise.  You tell me if we’re being sadistic for taking our anger out on our punisher’s chosen.”


© 2011 Omegax45

Author's Note

Very short. I was simply testing the waters, getting my imagination to work.

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Added on August 7, 2011
Last Updated on November 2, 2011
Tags: demons, angels, armageddon, family, friends




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