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Note:  Please read ‘Guardian’ before reading this story.  Thank you.





                        It was a normal day at high school.  The young teen boy was with his friends, eating in the cafeteria before they had to go to their afternoon classes.  They were discussing what they would be doing for summer vacation that was around the corner, whether to go to the beach or simply hang out at the mall.  They shared jokes and laughter.  He was so content, like living a dream.

                        The cafeteria became silent as the room shook.  Everyone looked around in shock before returning to their conversation.  Earthquakes were the norm of the city.  Small tremors every now and then.  If they were serious, they would be told to go to the emergency shelter.  The room shook again, this time harder.  Some of the students began to panic, and one of them pointed to the window.

                        A fiery ball appeared out of the sky and crashed into the street below.  The students ran outside against the teachers’ orders and stared at the large crater that tore the street asunder.  Smoke and steam made it difficult to see, but they could make out two figure within it.  They screamed as the smoke cleared long enough for them to see that it was a warrior wearing armor and had white wings fighting a black demon with large horns and goat’s feet. 

                        More fiery balls began crashing into the city, the ground shaking as a large earthquake began.  The students and teachers screamed as they ran, trying to find a place to hide that was safe.  The young teen boy held onto Brent’s hand as they and their friends ran, terrified yet knew they had to stick together.

                        “This way!”

                        They turn to see a beautiful woman with white wings and twisted sword in hand fly down towards them.  They recognize her as the young teen’s cousin, but where did she get her wings?!

                        “Are you an Angel,” one of them asked.

                        “You got to help us!”

                        “I will.  Follow me.  The End of Days is upon us, and all of you have a destiny to fulfill.”

                        “What do you mean-“

                        “There’s no time.  Heaven and Hell’s warriors are upon us.  We must hurry.”

                        They run through the streets of panicking humans and fighting angels and demons, the young woman fighting and killing any demon that approached them.  A young girl in the group tripped and cries as her ankle was sprained, but one of the larger boys lifts her up and carries her. 

                       “You will be safe in here,” the young woman stated, opening a door to what appears to be an empty building, “It has all the necessities you will be needing in the future that is to come.”
                        “Aren’t you coming with us,” Brent asked loudly, ushering his friends inside.

                        “I have my own battles to face,” the young woman replied, a soft smile on her face, “Take care of William for me.”

                        “Wait,” William cried out as the young woman flew off into battle, her name lost to the sounds of battle.

                        It would only be months later that he would find her again, body strewn upon a cross with her wings cut into pieces.


* * * *


                        William charges forward, bringing his sword to collide with the demon’s as he aims for his head.  The two males slash at each other repeatedly, the young man barely keeping up with the demon’s two katanas.

                        “Not once did she scream,” the demon taunts, “and she was better than you at fighting.  Let me show you.”

                        With an upward swing, the demon knocks William into the air.  There is a sound of clothing being ripped and the young man’s wings sprout from his backside, allowing him to recover.  The demon’s own wings appear and he flies after William.  The two continue to fight, ignoring the cuts caused by their blades scratching against their skin.  Throwing all of his strength into his arms, the demon knocks William’s sword out of his hands.  With one katana, he goes to stab the young man, but William moves quickly and the demon misses.  William reappears behind him, grasping him by the waist and sending them spiraling downwards.

                        “You’ll kill us both,” the demon informs, grunting as he tries to free himself.

                        “One less demon for my comrades to worry about,” William states, flapping his wings harder.

                        The two combatants crash into the broken street below them, dust and debris rising into the air.  The street forms a small crater where they landed, the area of the street in pieces.  The demon is the first to stir after a moment pause in time, grasping his katana as he tries to stand painfully.  His right wing hangs limply upon his back, blood trickling onto the concrete and a blood-red bone peeking out of the black leathery confines.  His left wrist is twisted in an odd angle, blood sliding down his face from his hair.

                        William, on the other hand, laid where he had landed, trying to catch his breath and coughing up dust and dirt that tries to invade his lungs.  He aches everywhere, one leg in an awkward position and his wings painted with dark gray and red.  He tries to get up, feeling his spine screaming in protest, to get his broadsword.  However, the tip of the demon’s katana lifts his chin and prevents him from moving further. 

                        “The human blood within you has betrayed you,” the demon states in pain, one eye twitching, “No angel would’ve done something so stupid.  Now, time to end humanity’s rebellion.”

                        As he was about to thrust the sword forward, ending William’s life, something pierces the demon from behind, breaking through his front.  William’s eyes widen as he recognizes the object.  It is his cousin’s sword!

                        “You…” the demon turns his head slowly, blood dripping from his mouth, and he sees Brent holding the sword from behind, “To fall at…the hands of…a failed angel…”

                        Brent twists the blade, then tosses the demon off of it.  William grabs his broadsword from the side and slices the demon’s head off quickly to prevent him from resurrecting.

                        “What does he mean by failed,” William asks, his eyes shining in gratitude for his friend’s rescue.

                        “Not all angels grow wings,” Brent replies, helping his friend onto his back, “My angel blood is too watered down for me to grow a pair.  But I can still kill demons nonetheless.”

                        “Thanks pal.”

                        “Thank your cousin.  It was her sword that you entrusted me with and it is the only thing in my arsenal that can kill powerful demons like that.  Just don’t get crazy again and try to kill yourself.”

                        “I’ll try.”

                        “Now let’s get going.  A lot of good folk are waiting for your return.”

                        Brent carries William back into the city, which has gone quiet once again.  William ponders the demon’s words and came to a conclusion.  His cousin was not sacrificed because she was useless.  She gave her life to save them all, and when her time came, she entrusted another to protect him.

                        She was not a pawn in the End of Days.  She was their Guardian.  Brent is his Ally.  And he is the Savior.





© 2011 Omegax45

Author's Note

I ran out of inspiration at this point. I hope you all enjoy this very short book.

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I liked it!! The last line was great way to end it!! Maybe someday you'll find inspiration again and add more to the story in parts!! overall, it was really good! Great write!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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