A Chapter by Alice Walker

This is the prologue of the past NaNoWriMo that I tried to do. I actually got too busy with work at the time and didn't finish the story but I'm working on it now.

Daniel looked behind the corner. The sounds of the battle were all around him, they were looking around the tower for so long that his head was starting to spin, it was hard to say if the sound was coming from behind or in front of him. 

“I still think it’s a good idea to get out of here” said Jack while looking through Dani’s shoulder. 

"Last one and we’re out, deal?"

His friend looked at him, Dani could see the disapproval in his dark brown eyes. He helped him with the organization of the attack of the stronghold but for sure wasn’t very happy to look around it for hours. In the end, both of them didn’t know what exactly they were looking for here. Sansberg was narrow and high, more tower than stronghold, yet her floors twisted somehow the dimension and were way more then what it looked outside. For centuries she was byword for torture, many have died behind her walls because of the maniacal mage that ruled over.

“Deal.” Sighed Jack at the end. 

He didn’t wait for him and went ahead into the long corridor. He didn’t stop to look outside the big windows, they weren’t sure if they can trust anything they see through them anyway. He pushed the big wooden door at the end of the corridor, apparently the only one on the floor. The wood-carvings got Daniel’s attention, he got hardly ever think even for half of the torture ways carved in the old wood. 
"I be damned."

Well Jack on the other hand wasn’t so touched by details, let alone tactic at some times. Danny rolled his eyes and headed to the center of the room where Jack was standing with a bit of a confused look on his face. He went around a big wall of steel that spread almost to the ceiling, that was at least four meters away, with its sharp points that looked like knifes or maybe swords. A copy of it was standing just a few steps away. Then Danny stopped shocked. Between the two shields stretched a massive table. Heavy chains were wrapping around its feet and an ivy. Their ends were sinking painfully in the white skin. 

Jack run beside him.
“Hey, let’s hurry.” 

This was enough to get him out of the daze and bring the sound of echoing metal back to his ears, this time closer and louder. 

“So this is what we were supposed to find?” Jack was talking while checking the chains for any loose ends or weaknesses in the steel. 

Daniel shoved his head, he was getting into day-dreaming again. He turned his eyes to the body chained into the cold metal. Beautiful white hair, like made out of liquid silver, her face was calm as she was dreaming sweet dreams. He has seen elves, from a far of course and she sure looked like one yet there was something wilder in her features. 

“I’m deeply sorry old friend for interrupting you again but we really should go.”

This time the ruckus at the door made his mind come to reality. He ran to the table and carefully looked at the chains. 

“Watch out.”

Danny didn’t wait Jack to fully fulfil the command. He tried to focus as much as he could energy into the four chains and let it out. He didn’t have the time to test the magic but it worked and the heavy metal fell loudly to the floor. Daniel lifted the woman from the table, her head hanged powerless, she was breathing but so weak that she could easily be seen as dead. 
“Come on, this way.” Jack was already on his way to the other end of the room and other beg door. 
“To you know where it leads?”

“No but if you have better ideas I’m all ears.”

Danny let a quite sigh and followed him. It felt like a couple more hours before they finally made it out of the tower. The sun was shining in an early afternoon. Or they have been in the tower for days or the time line really was broken in it. 

They were at the very end of the big grounds between the tower and its defense wall. The ground around them smoked and roared like an angry volcano. There were small battled all around, the guards from the tower still couldn’t accept defeat and attacked every soul that went passed them. There were bodies all around even piles at places. Who ever got the idea of setting fire on has succeed in flaming everything that could burn, including flesh and clothes. They couldn’t pass through this chaos, not with the fragile body in his hands that sorrowfully was lighter than a dog. They couldn’t jump over the high wall, that was standing like a black monster at the other end of the grounds. 

“On the plans there was a back exit.” Said Jack, his right hand was holding tightly his sword but wasn’t drawing it out. 

Danny looked around for a last time and took a deep breath.

“Hanging on to me.”

“You’re not serious!” his friend’s hands relaxed and the sides of his body in a quite resignation “Just don’t kill me.”

A cheerful shaking of the head wasn’t really a satisfying answer to him but he came closer and grabbed Danny’s shoulders. Danny saw the little concern look on his face when he looked at the woman but this wasn’t the time for more arguments. This time he sank deeply into the magic, let it flow through his body, like water that was flowing inside every part of his body, shielding it so pleasantly. The time around him stopped, the sinister smell of burning flesh slowly faded away, the sounds melted, reality fell apart. Soon his hearing came back, the howl of a wolf, the wind beneath the wing of a raven, the scrapping sound of the grasshoppers, he felt the calming breeze on his face and inhale its coldness. For one long moment he hold that scene and then it all fell down. His feet barely managed to keep him standing, Jack was laying on the grass behind him. He tried to take a step and fell on his knees, his lungs where hurting from the deep breaths. 

“Next time I make the escaping plan” moaned the other man.

© 2018 Alice Walker

Author's Note

Alice Walker
I might really do have a lot of grammar mistakes. Sorry for that.

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Added on January 21, 2018
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Alice Walker

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