An Old Friend

An Old Friend

A Poem by Omikron

My old friend, it is a long awaited visit
Have you come all this way to touch my cheek, kiss it
To caress my neck, slowly and gentle
To bury your nails deep into my mental
I taste the salt when your lips meet mine
It is a shameful pleasure, so divine
Three years I've spent, longing for you
Though I'm aware, I shouldn't do
Because you hurt me, you break me down
You sink too deep, bleed through my gown
I know all this, through experience I'm afraid
Yet I can't stop myself from grabbing the blade
My fingers resist, but my mind needs relief
An old friend can give, though it is brief
Now you are here, your hands on my face
You pierce through my eyes, and do it with grace
As the tears fall down, I say to myself
Only this once, my sanity on the shelf
I'll lay with the darkness, and embrace it fully
I'll kiss the pain, my personal bully
Three years I've longed this, a talk with a friend
To cut me gently, my sanity bend
Whisper sweet nothings, say I'm not worth
To love, to bloom, to walk this earth
I crumble like mountains succumbed to the sea
I sigh with relief, set my worries free
Then as I lay bleeding, you walk out the door
I'm left wondering if I will see you any more.

© 2022 Omikron

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Added on February 12, 2022
Last Updated on February 12, 2022
Tags: Mental Health




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